Have you heard about Vishing? It isn’t a spelling error!

Would you like to go fishing? That sounds nice, doesn’t it. But, have you heard about phishing? That is when criminals try to fool you by making you install applications, click on links, and thus, help them steal confidential information about you. But, what is vishing? It is the same as phishing, but here the Read More

What is formjacking? Do I need to be careful?

Have you heard about people stealing your credit card details as you use your card in machines and in ATMs? Formjacking is the same activity, except for the fact that it happens online. You don’t even know about it, because the thieves steal your data without you knowing about it. Formjacking is the activity of Read More

Hacklock from Surfshark is now named Alert instead!

It was a cool coincidence that I received an email from SurfsharkVPN this morning telling me that their service HackLock has been renamed and is now called Alert instead. That in itself isn’t so interesting, but on the very same morning I received an email from Surfshark Alert that one of my email addresses and Read More

How to protect yourself against ransomware before it is too late?

Have you heard about all those companies and private persons paying big amounts of money to hackers because they are unable to access files in their own systems? Not only is it dangerous because the files are encrypted and impossible to reach, but also because hackers often get access to private material that the companies Read More