Has your password hash been leaked in a data breach? What does it mean?

In October 2020, it was revealed that the popular service Gravatar had been hacked, and the usernames and hashed email addresses were leaked. In May 2014, Bitly suffered from a data breach that caused the email addresses and hashed passwords of nearly 10 million users to be leaked. These are just some examples of data Read More

PennyWise – a crypto-malware that can steal data from your crypto-wallet or !

There are so many hackers who want to steal your money. That is why we can read about new phishing methods, cryptojacking, juice jacking, and so much more every day. One of the most recent on the market is named PennyWise and instead of giving you some extra pennies, you risk losing the pennies you Read More

What is a Browser in the Browser attack, often referred to as a BitB hack?

We have described several phishing strategies here in our IP Address Guide, and today we would like to show you one of the newest methods used by hackers to steal your data and login credentials. This method is referred to as a Browser in the Browser attack and it is making you believe that a Read More

What is crypto-clipping? Always check the address to which you transfer crypto!

If you own cryptocurrencies, you should always keep your antivirus program updated. But, you should also be extremely careful when you install applications and games. One ground rule should be… if you can afford crypto, you should absolutely afford a decent antivirus and anti-malware program. If you consider the protection to be too expensive, it Read More