IP address in another country

IP address in another countryAre you currently in a nation, but want to reside in another country virtually. Here we will tell you how to change you IP address so that you can get an IP address in another country.

It might sound difficult to change your IP address and for some the word IP address is scary in itself. What is an IP address? There are many such what is questions and here in our IP Address Guide we have tried to answer most of them. But, now you are in the article where we will tell you how to get an IP address in another country. It is really easy, and you can have your IP address altered within a few minutes from now.

Why get an IP address in another country?

Get access to streaming services and content

There are plenty of reasons for why you might want to change your IP address, but the most common purpose is to bypass geo-blocks. These are rules or regulations that are created by websites to keep certain content away from you, unless you in the right region or country. An example is the streaming service Hulu who only lets people with an American IP address watch and enjoy their services.

Get access to content blocked in your current nation

We always receive news about how Facebook is banned in certain nations, or how Twitter is blocked during revolts in nations. A VPN is a great tool in such situations, because by getting an IP address in another nation you can bypass such blocks and still use your favorite social media tool or get access to blocked websites.

How to get an IP address in another country?

change your ip addressTo get an IP address in another country the best option by far is to use the services of a VPN provider. These are providers with servers in nations all around the world, and with a cheap subscription you can use their applications to connect to a server in a different nation. Once you are connected you will receive a new IP address in the nation of the server you just connected to. There is however more to a VPN than only giving you a new IP address.

With a VPN you will also encrypt your online activity. The level of encryption very much depends on the VPN protocol you decide to use, but this is very important if you live in a nation in which you are afraid that people might steal your information, use them against you or if you during a holiday simply want to secure your online activity as you use open WiFi networks.

There are lots of VPN providers to choose from, but your goal simply is to get an IP address in another nation, then HideMyAss is the biggest of all providers and with one subscription you can get an IP address in about 200 different nations.


You can read more about HideMyAss in our HideMyAss review. You can also read more about lots of other VPN providers in our VPN reviews section.

How to get an IP address in one specific country?

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