What to stream on Amazon Prime Summer of 2019?

The summer is here and that means a lot of spare time and holiday time for many of us. But, what should you stream on Amazon Prime when you have some free hours? Here we give to you the best movies on Amazon Prime for the summer of 2019.

Before you read on, do not forget that movies don’t remain forever on Amazon Prime. As a result, some of the movies in this list might be removed before the summer gets to an end, and if you should read this article even later, then you shouldn’t be surprised if some of the movies cannot be found on Amazon Prime in the USA anymore.

Comedies to watch on Amazon Prime – Summer of 2019

We will have to warn you already, not all of these movies have to do with summer topics, but they are still great. But, some of them actually deal with summer and if you want to watch a movie on Amazon Prime that gives you the beach feeling, beautiful bodies, and some crazy jokes, then the Baywatch parody from 2017 with Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson might actually give you a good time. Of course, if you hate the Baywatch concept, watch something else.

Under the Silver Lake on Amazon Prime
Under the Silver Lake might be a treat for teenagers on Amazon this summer.

For many people, summer is about summer crushes and meeting new people. Well, a brand new movie on Amazon Prime this July is Under the Silver Lake, and here we get to meet a boy who definitely falls in love with a beautiful girl during the summer. The only problem is – she is gone by the time he wakes up, and he has no clue what actually happened to the girl.

Another comedy on my top list of movies on Amazon Prime for the summer of 2019 is Overboard. It isn’t the best movie ever, but here we meet a crazy rich guy who gets into complications with the lady coming to clean on his boat. Do I smell a romantic love-story somewhere?

There are even more comedies that could be mentioned, for example, The Spy Who Dumped Me with Mila Kunis, Juliet Naked, and Home Again with Reese Witherspoon.

Action movies on Amazon Prime for the Summer of 2019

Would you rather get some action after a relaxing day at the beach? There are quite a lot of good action movies available with your Amazon Prime subscription in the United States. For example, the movie Death Wish starring Bruce Willis is a great action movie. It has received terrible critics, but I truly enjoyed it. Here we have a guy out for revenge after his wife has been killed by thieves. The problem is that the police doesn’t seem to do anything, and thus, he takes the matter into his own hands.

Death Wish on Amazon Prime summer of 2019
Bruce Willis in the role as a suffering husband in Death Wish.

Serenity is another thriller kind of movie that will treat you well, while Shutter Island is a 2010 with Leonardi di Caprio that will keep you stuck to the TV throughout the entire movie. In fact, it might keep you thinking for a while after you have finished watching the movie as well to completely understand what truly happened in the movie.

The Commuter is a traditional Liam Neeson action movie in which he needs to perform tasks on a train in order to earn money and to stay alive. But, once he understands that this is crazy and illegal stuff, he tries to step back. But, that is easier said than done, and now he needs to solve the trouble and save some people while staying alive. That is easier said than done.

Drama movies on Amazon Prime for the Summer of 2019

Are you in the mood for a more relaxed evening in front of the TV? Then the movie Lady Bird is something for you. But, if you want some speed added to the drama, then Trading Paint with John Travolta might be even better. Are you up in the years and want to watch a drama packed with famous actors who are more than 60 years, then Book Club is the perfect drama for you.

Book Club is a great movie on Amazon Prime for this summer.
Watch Book Club on Amazon Prime this summer…

Would you like to be inspired, and maybe challenged at the same time? I Can Only Imagine is the name of a movie about one of the most played radio songs in the latter years and how it came into being. It tells a story of pain, forgiveness, love, mercy, and compassion.

If you like I Can Only Imagine, the movie named The Private War might be just as interesting. This tells the story of a photographer who has travelled the world and been in lots of dangerous situations, simply because she wanted to tell the story and see the truth with her own eyes, to be able to report it to people back home.

Even more summer-movies on Amazon Prime

I haven’t even mentioned all the best summer movies on Amazon Prime in this article, but I have mentioned some of them. If you want to see a short YouTube video presenting the fifteen best summer movies on Amazon Prime for 2019, check the video beneath. If you like the movie, make sure to share it with friends, give it a thumbs up and write a comment to the movie on YouTube.

I have also, on purpose, written only about movies in this article. But, there are so many great TV series also included with your Amazon Prime subscription. As a result, you can easily spend you entire summer just binge-watching Prime original series and more instead of spending time in the sun. But, a healthy mixture of the two is probably the best solution.

How to access Amazon Prime abroad?

It is a fact that many of us spend our summer holidays abroad, and what you will quickly discover if you go abroad, is that your Amazon Prime subscription will start to function in different ways. Maybe you will start getting the error message 4601, or simply be told that Amazon Prime cannot be streamed abroad. What can you do about this? After all, you have paid for your Amazon Prime subscription and you want to enjoy the content included with it, right now, wherever you might be in the world?

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What are you going to stream on Amazon Prime this summer?

Have you read about a movie in this article that you would like to watch on Amazon Prime this summer? Or have you got a favorite TV show that you plan on streaming instead? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about what you are going to watch on Amazon Prime for the summer of 2019!

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