When is Amazon Prime day in 2019?

Are you looking forward to Amazon Prime day in 2019? It is the biggest shopping day every single year together with the so-called Single’s Day in China. But, when is Amazon Prime Day in 2019? Or did someone say Amazon Prime Day’s?

Amazon Prime Day is approaching and in 2019 this gigantic shopping event will take place on July 15th and July 16th. In other words, we are speaking of two days in 2019 and not only one day. On this day you can experience and shop with great discounts all sorts of products, especially the Amazon original products like Kindle’s, Fire Tablets, and similar products. But, the discounts are only available for those with an Amazon Prime subscription. So, what can you do about that?

If you do not have an Amazon Prime subscription yet…

It is extremely easy… sign up for an Amazon Prime account in the USA or sign up for an Amazon Prime account in Germany. The price for one month is so small, that you will “earn” the amount back after purchasing one product or more. It should also be mentioned that you can cancel your subscription and normally get either the full amount back or a percentage of the amount back, and there is also such a thing as a 30-day free trial period, meaning that you will only start paying for your Prime subscription after 30 days. No matter what, it is worth it if you are planning on buying any special product on Prime day 2019.

Click the link above to visit the Amazon website and get your very own Prime subscription and free 30-day trailer up and running within a few minutes. And even though you are just in the trial period, you will still be entitled for all the amazing discounts available with the Prime subscription during the Prime Day in 2019.

The Prime Day is already upon us!

If you visit Amazon.de or Amazon.com to do some shopping right now, you will actually notice that they already have quite a lot of Prime deals running already. So, you should probably visit the websites right away to check it out and give it a try. You might find a great discount already. For example, I just discovered some refurbished Alexa devices on Amazon.de costing only 50 Euro, that is approximately half the price of what it normally is. If I would have wanted to buy an Alexa, this would have been a great chance.

Buy a refurbished Echo device on Amazon Prime in Germany on Prime Day 2019.
Buy a refurbished Echo device on Amazon Prime in Germany on Prime Day 2019.

But, do I want to buy an Alexa? Do I want Amazon to spy on me in my home, listening to what I am saying and what is going on? I am not really sure if I want to invite 1984 to my very own living room. So, I love the idea of having a speaker that plays the music I want it to play and that can help me turn on and off the lights and so. But, the fact that it also listens to everything else that I have to say doesn’t really make me happy.

On Amazon.com I discovered some very cheap suitcases, a cool Spikeball set, and also a cool robot vacuum cleaner. In other words, there are lots of interesting deals running under the title “pre-Prime day offers”, so you better go and check them out if you are in for a treat in 2019.

But, watch out on Prime Day 2019 as well!

Even though it is Prime Day doesn’t make everything cheap. It is happening every year that some products are shown to have a giant discount, only that you discover that the “standard price” was set to much higher, and thus with the discount added, you are still paying more for the product than you normally would have. In other words, use some common sense and compare the prices you find in your local Amazon store with other stores and online shops around. This will give you a fast check and comparison of the price, giving you better insight in whether or not what you are currently considering is a true bargain or a Prime Day trap.

I wish you all a fantastic Prime Day, and if you keep your Prime subscription afterward and want some help finding out how you can enjoy your Amazon Prime subscription abroad (watching all the movies and TV shows included and more), check my guide on watching Prime abroad.

Are you planning on buying anything special on Prime Day in 2019? I have recently written quite a lot about the PSVR, that is the Playstation VR kit and the fantastic VR game named Firewall Zero Hour. That might be a nice treat if you like playing and want to try something that will get your pulse beat faster and give you some adrenaline while playing! Another useful device that you can buy on Amazon is their Fire TV or their Fire TV Stick. This is a brilliant device that makes streaming on your TV much easier. You can read more about the Amazon Fire TV Stick in this article.

So once again.. what are you going to buy on Amazon this year for Prime Day? Do you have any plans? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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