Where can I stream The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown) online?

Have you heard about the TV series The Lost Symbol which is based on the book written by Dan Brown with the same name? Are you a fan of other works by Dan Brown and now you would like to see what this will be like in the setting of a limited TV series (and not a movie)? But, how and where can you stream The Lost Symbol online? Is it possible? In this article, we will explain to you how and where you can stream this TV series online.

The Lost Symbol is really a story of something that reminds us of a big mess. It was first planned as a movie starring Tom Hanks in the role of Robert Langdon. When they decided to make the movie Inferno instead, the plans with The Lost Symbol were put on halt for a while. Then they wanted to create a TV series named Langdon based on the book, but that didn’t really come into being either. After lots of mess and back and forth, PeacockTV grabbed the licensing rights during the spring of 2021 and the series consisting of 10 episodes were made available on PeacockTV in the United States in October 2021.

The reception of The Lost Symbol hasn’t been very good, but there are still some fans, and if you love earlier Dan Brown books and productions, then you might end up enjoying this one as well. Personally, The Lost Symbol was probably the most boring book about Robert Langdon written by Dan Brown, so we would not have big expectations for this one, but if you are a fan, go ahead and check it out!

stream the lost symbol dan brown online

How can I watch The Lost Symbol online?

Would you like to stream The Lost Symbol? It can be done, and it isn’t very hard. It can currently be found on the streaming service PeacockTV in the United States and there you can find all the episodes. The price of PeacockTV is only $6 per month and you even have a free trial period, meaning that you can easily watch the entire series for free without paying anything at all.

But, how can you actually gain access to PeacockTV in the USA?

The most important is that you need an American IP address provided by the VPN provider ExpressVPN. Click the button below to visit their website and to get a big discount.

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  • When you have ExpressVPN installed, connect to a server in the United States. This will give you an American IP address.
  • You will then be able to visit the PeacockTV website at www.peacocktv.com.
  • Create an account and sign up for the premium package.
  • Watch The Lost Symbol online on PeacockTV.

That is actually everything you need to do. But, it might happen that you will have trouble actually creating your PeacockTV account and paying for the Premium package. The reason is that PeacockTV requires you to have an American payment card in order to pay for the subscription. That isn’t necessarily so easy to fix, but we have found a very good solution to this problem and you can find more information on how to pay for PeacockTV without an American payment card right here.

You should now be ready to watch Ashley Zukerman in the role of Robert Langdon in The Lost Symbol on PeacockTV. The last time we saw Ashley Zukerman was in the TV series named Designated Survivor in which he played the role of the vice president (who we discovered was a really bad guy at the end of season 1). Is he suitable for the role? Stream The Lost Symbol and find out for yourself.

The TV series has a TV14 rating, it consists of 10 episodes and the average duration is 45 minutes per episode. The current score of The Lost Symbol on Rotten Tomatoes is 54% which should be considered a quite terrible score. The same TV series has a score of 6,5/10 on IMDb based on 8500 ratings. Those are quite poor numbers as well, not only the score itself, but the number of people who have rated the show. It somehow gives you the feeling that not many people have been watching this at all.

But, follow the instructions in this article and stream The Lost Symbol online. When you are finished, please return here and let us know whether it was worth spending 450 minutes of your life watching the ten episodes or not. If it is worth it, we might actually watch it as well… but if it isn’t, then we have plenty of other stuff worth watching instead.

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