Where can I watch Mixology season 1 online?

Mixology is an ABC series that premiered and live for one single season back in 2014. Now, several years later you might be interested in watching the full season to find out what it was all about? But, how can you stream Mixology season 1 online?

Mixology is a TV series telling the stories of five men and five girls spending a night in a bar named Mix. Here they meet with one another, and in every episode we follow a few characters to see how they interact and what will happen as they meet with someone of the other sex. The TV show received quite a lot of praise, but the viewers didn’t follow the TV show to the end, meaning that there were fewer visitors with every new episode, which led to the cancellation of the series after the first season. But, that doesn’t make Mixology a poor TV show, and it doesn’t make it stupid to watch it.

Looking for a place to stream Mixology online?
Where can I stream Mixology season 1 online?

If you are interested, it is actually quite easy to watch Mixology season 1 online, as you can watch it for free on the website of ABC in the United States. The only trouble you might have with this, is that you will receive an error message if you try to watch ABC in the USA from abroad.

How to Watch Mixology season 1 on ABC outside the USA

To watch the first and only season of Mixology season 1 on Netflix on ABC, you need to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN. This is one of the best VPN providers on the market in 2019, and they have some of the best features available and a stunning 30-day full refund policy. To make things even better and more solid, you can use a subscription to ExpressVPN at three devices at the same time.

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Stream Mixology season 1 online using ExpressVPN

With your ExpressVPN subscription in order and the ExpressVPN application downloaded to your computer, visit abc.go.com and find Mixology on their site. You can now stream all the content for free. You might have to register a user at the ABC website, but that is completely free, so if it is required, just register a user.

You can now stream Mixology season 1 online!

What is the concept in Mixology? According to the ABC website, the story is: “One bar. One night. Ten single people. Welcome to Mix, a high-end bar in Manhattan’s trendy meat-packing district and the backdrop for a sexy new high-concept comedy from the writers of The Hangover.

What else can you do with ExpressVPN?

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Get ready for Mixology online and lots of other fun!

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  1. Crapology says:

    Mixology was a crappy TV show… don’t waste your time. It was pure luck that they didn’t renew it for a second season!

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