How to watch the Biathlon World Championships online?

Biathlon is a fantastic sport, and it is both hard to predict, and interesting till the very end of every race. In 2019, the Biatholon World Championships is arranged in Ostersund in Sweden between March 7th and March 17th. How can you stream the Biathlon World Championships online?

This is a fantastic winter with the Alpine Skiing World Championships, the Ski World Championships, and then, in the end, the Biathlon World Championships. The first is arranged in Sweden, in Åre, the second in Austria, and then the Biathlon World Championship will be arranged in Østersund in Sweden! We are glad to see the love of winter sports the people of Sweden have as they arrange two such big events in the same year!

Biathlon is as we wrote earlier a fantastic sport, and even though there are big stars such as Martin Fourcade, it is incredibly hard to predict and until the last shooing, anything can happen in this amazing sport. So, how can you stream the Biathlon World Championships online?

Some of the greatest Biathlon athletes taking part in the World Championship in 2019
Some of the greatest Biathlon athletes taking part in the World Championship in 2019

Watch the Biathlon World Championships 2019 online

There are several TV channels that will broadcast this event, including NBC Sports in the USA, but it is very hard to actually get access to their live stream, so here we have a much easier way to watch the Biathlon WC online!

Use ExpressVPN to get a Swedish or Norwegian IP address

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for the VPN services of ExpressVPN. This is a VPN service which has stunning reviews online and a great customer service. They even have a 30-day money back guarantee, so you do not need to worry about using it.

Why do you need ExpressVPN? You need it to get access to the live streams from the Biathlon World Championships on SVT in Sweden and NRK in Norway. In these winter sports loving countries they will broadcast every single event from the World Championships, free for anyone to watch. The only requirement is that you live in one of those countries. If you do, simply visit or and start streaming right away. But, if you live abroad and try to watch the live streams from the competitions, you will only see error messages telling you that the stream cannot be seen outside Sweden/Norway. And that is when you need ExpressVPN.

How to stream the Biathlon WC online with ExpressVPN

  • Sign up for the ExpressVPN service using the button above. If you use that link you will also be entitled to three months for free if you sign up for 12 months.
  • Download ExpressVPN and install it on your computer, tablet, or telephone.
  • Open the application and connect to a server in Norway/Sweden.
  • Visit the NRK website or the SVT website and start streaming the events right away.

How to watch the Biathlon World Championships on iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android Tablet?

If you use an iPhone or an iPad (iOS system), or maybe an Android system instead, it is just as easy to watch the Biathlon World Championships online. You will still need the ExpressVPN subscription and you will have to download the ExpressVPN application to your device. Once you have the application installed, look for the NRK application and/or the SVTPlay application in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Once you have downloaded the application you can open it and get ready to watch the live streams from the Biathlon World Championships on your mobile device wherever you might be in the world.

Is ExpressVPN worth the money?

Maybe you wonder whether or not ExpressVPN is worth the money? Should you use this amount of money just to get a subscription that will make you able to watch the Biathlon World Championships online? Well, if you are a lover of Biathlon, it is worth the money. But, you should also know that you will get a lot of extras coming with your VPN subscription.

Did you know that ExpressVPN can be used on three devices at the same time? As a result, you can share your credentials with some friends or family members (and maybe split the cost), and you can all use it at the same time! Once you are connected to an ExpressVPN server you will also surf while enjoying a 256-bit AES encryption, making you complete safe and protected online.

To make things even better, ExpressVPN can help you unblock other streaming sites and TV channels such as American Netflix, BBC in the UK, ITV in the UK, ZDF in Germany (who might also broadcast from the Biathlon World Championships), Dutch Netflix, and lots of other streaming services.

The Biathlon World Championships 2019 schedule

What will happen when during the Biathlon World Championships? Here you can find a little schedule that will give you the most important information.

MARCH 07, 2019

  • Team Mixed Relay

MARCH 08, 2019

  • Ladies’ Sprint 7,5km

MARCH 09, 2019

  • Men’s Sprint 10km

MARCH 10, 2019

  • Ladies’ Pursuit 10km
  • Men’s Pursuit 12,5km

MARCH 12, 2019

  • Ladies’ Individual 15km

MARCH 13, 2019

  • Men’s Individual 20km

MARCH 14, 2019

  • Single Mixed Relay

MARCH 16, 2019

  • Ladies’ Relay 4 x 6km
  • Men’s Relay 4 x 7,5km

MARCH 17, 2019

  • Ladies’ Mass Start 12,5km
  • Men’s Mass Start 15km

Stream the Biathlon World Championship 2019 online

You should know be more than ready to watch the Biathlon World Championships online. Do you cheer for the French males with Martin Fourcade in the lead? Or do you hope that the Norwegians will get their shooting in order, and thus Johannes Tingnes Bø can get some victories? Or are you more interested in the competitions of the ladies?

We hope you will have a wonderful time cheering and watching. If you have any comments or questions related to watching the competitions online, write a comment and we will do our best to help you out!

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