Which is the best sneaker in STEPN? Should you buy a walker, jogger, runner, or a trainer?

Would you like to buy the best sneaker in STEPN? That might sound easy, but it doesn’t have to be that easy. Is there such a thing as the best sneaker in STEPN? You can choose between Walker, Jogger, Runner, and Trainer, but which is the best?

It is important to understand that this article deals with which is the best sneaker. If you want to buy the cheapest sneaker, then a runner is most likely the sneaker you should pick. But, a runner will require you to move every day at a speed between 8km/hr and 20km/hr, something that might be extremely hard (at least to some).

So, which sneaker should you choose as you buy your first STEPN sneaker?

sneaker trainer stepn

Why I consider the Trainer to be the best sneaker.

I dare to say at once that the Trainer is the best sneaker. There are several reasons, and here I will describe each and every one of them.

The Trainer earns more than the other sneakers.

This is very important. Based on statistics from users, it can be seen that the trainer is the sneaker that earns the most (based on the efficiency level of the sneaker). In other words, if you place a walker, a jogger, a runner, and a trainer with the same efficiency level and each of them do the same distance with the same energy (each moving within their speed range), you will earn the most with the trainer, closely followed by the runner.

The runner is the cheapest of the four sneaker types, so often you can get a runner at almost half the price of a trainer. So, if you are able to run every single day, the runner is a good second option with almost just as high rewards as the trainer.

For maximized earnings the Trainer is the best sneaker, closely followed by the runner.

The Trainer maximizes your earnings at all speeds (between 1km/hr and 20km/hr).

If the earnings are important, I actually consider this to be even more important. I do love a good run, but with a Runner, I am forced to run seven days a week, and that can sometimes be hard, especially on an aging body. With the Trainer, I can easily go for a walk 3 or 4 days a week, and then do a nice run the remaining days.

It feels good to have this opportunity because I often feel tired after a good run, and then I have the flexibility to not always run. I should also mention that the STEPN application has some trouble measuring speed properly. That is why it feels very good to have a Trainer, because I do not have to worry about whether I run at a pace of 7km/hr, 10km/hr, or maybe 4km/hr.

The Trainer is amazing because you can use it for walking, jogging, and running and still maximize your earnings.

stepn sneaker trainer good for all speeds

The Trainer gives flexibility in case you will be unable to do your daily exercise.

The initial goal with a sneaker is to exercise every single day. But, if you are running every single day, you shouldn’t be surprised if you suffer an injury. This might force you to take a pause from running for some days. It might also happen that you get sick, once again forcing you to take a break for some days. And who knows, maybe you have to travel somewhere else making you unable to do your daily dose of exercise. What can you do on such occasions?

If you have a runner, you will have to find someone skilled enough to actually run at the given tempo for the set amount of time. That might be easy, but it might also be challenging.

On such days, I can simply give my cellphone to my wife and tell her to take it for a walk. If I only had a Runner, she would be in trouble (as she wouldn’t manage to keep it up with the energy available and the speed required). With a Trainer, however, I can easily tell her to go for a walk, and she (or some other person) will have no trouble using the available energy.

With a Trainer, you can easily find a replacement if you are unable to do your daily dose of exercise yourself.

The best sneaker in STEPN – a conclusion

I definitely find the Trainer to be an ideal sneaker for STEPN, simply because it gives you flexibility and a way to maximize income. Of course, it costs at least 1,5x more than the other sneakers, so more risk is involved. But, if you want the most convenient option, I do believe the Trainer is the solution.

If you want a budget version, go for the Runner. But, since it can be demanding to run every single day, the Walker is probably the “easiest” sneaker because it only requires you to walk, and it is quite a lot cheaper than the Trainer (even though it is normally more expensive than the Runner).

These are my thoughts. What do you think? Do you have a favorite sneaker in STEPN? Are there other advantages to the Trainer that I haven’t mentioned in this article that you would like to mention? Write a comment below!

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