Which VPN should I use to unblock Netflix right now (June 2022)?

It has been a while since we last created an article dealing with Netflix and how to unblock Netflix. But, we have recently spent hours testing different VPN providers in order to find out which can and should be used if you want to get access to Netflix content in other countries than your own. To be honest, the results were extremely surprising!

Before you continue, do not forget that this article is published on the last day of May in 2022, meaning that it will give you information about which VPN to use with Netflix in June 2022. Maybe you will read this article in August 2022, or maybe in June 2023? If that is so, understand that things are changing rapidly and the information shared in this article might not be valid anymore. We have seen so many changes when it comes to VPN providers and their ability to unblock Netflix, and that is why we cannot guarantee that this information will be completely correct for a longer period of time.

full metal jacket on us netflix
Full Metal Jacket can only be seen on Netflix in the USA. Which VPN should you use to stream it on Netflix?

Why is that? One year ago, SurfsharkVPN was the ultimate VPN for streaming Netflix content, closely accompanied by PrivateVPN, and also by ExpressVPN, and NordVPN. Now we tested these services once again and our findings were interesting.

The best VPN for Netflix in June 2022

If you ask the different VPN providers, they will all say that they support Netflix and that they will give you access to different Netflix countries. But, if you just purchase a subscription to the different VPN providers and connect to a server in the country that you are interested in, you will quickly discover whether or not you actually see the local Netflix content of that country or if you only see a mixture of Netflix original content which can be streamed all across the world.

How to find out if Netflix is blocking your VPN?
If you connect to a VPN server that is “known and blocked” by Netflix, you will still gain access to the Netflix website. The difference will be that you only see the Netflix original content and not the content only available in that country. In other words, if you connect to a VPN server in the USA, you will always find content such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Who Killed Sara?, Ozard, and other Netflix original productions. But, if the VPN is “blocked”, you will not see content such as Madam Secretary (which is only available on Netflix in the USA). This is an easy way to find out whether the VPN is unblocking or not.

The surprising results

I mentioned earlier that SurfsharkVPN was, by far, the best VPN for Netflix one year ago, closely followed by PrivateVPN. Well, that is not the case anymore. In fact, we had trouble even accessing American and Canadian Netflix using these services. SurfsharkVPN which has used a SmartDNS service within their VPN made it extremely easy, meaning that you could connect to any of their US servers and you would get access to American Netflix (and it functioned in the same way with other countries). Now it isn’t like that anymore, and you will have to fight hard to make anything work.

PrivateVPN is also struggling in the same way. The strength of PrivateVPN was that it gave access to smaller countries like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark (and similar countries), but now it no longer gives access to those either.

NordVPN is struggling in exactly the same way as Surfshark.

And then we have ExpressVPN which really surprised me. They are operating in the same way as they always have, meaning that they have several servers in different countries. In order to stream Netflix content in the USA, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Japan, or maybe Australia, you might have to connect to 2-3 servers before you find the one that actually works… but, at least they have servers that get the job done.

In other words, ExpressVPN actually helped us stream Lethal Weapon and This is Us on Canadian Netflix, it helped us find Madam Secretary on US Netflix, stream The Cry on UK Netflix, The Nightingale on Australian Netflix, popular Anime series on Japanese Netflix, and it even gave us access to Mexican Netflix.

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watching brazilian netflix with expressvpn

If you have read this article, you probably know what to do right now (and what not to do). If you have purchased a subscription to ExpressVPN, download their VPN client and connect to a server in the country that you are interested in. If it doesn’t work at first, connect to a different server in the same country, close your browser (or Netflix application), and then try again by opening Netflix in your browser or starting the application over again.

Is it worth unblocking Netflix in June 2022?

It is a fact that Netflix is turning more and more international, meaning that more and more content is original Netflix content, and we see fewer and fewer content changes between the countries. But, there are still quite a lot of differences, meaning that there are movies that can only be streamed on Netflix in Japan or maybe in the USA. If you are interested in local Dutch content, you will find a hundred times more on Dutch Netflix than you will on Canadian Netflix, so this is also a brilliant way to see more content from a certain country than you would just visit Netflix in your own country and with the selection available there.

I do believe changing your Netflix region still comes as a great way to get access to more content with your current subscription.

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