How to discover which devices and IP addresses have used my Netflix account?

Do you have a feeling someone else might be using your Netflix account? Or do you want to check if you are using Netflix from a different IP address than you might actually believe? Is there a way to check who has been accessing your Netflix account, using different streaming devices, from different IP addresses? Read More

ExpressVPN now supports five simultaneous connections with one subscription

The VPN market is getting tougher and tougher, and that is why the different VPN providers tend to fight hard for every single customer. A few years ago, one VPN subscription could only be used one place at a time, but that has changed, and now you can use one VPN subscription at several devices Read More

Why is the ABC iview quality so poor?

Are you trying to watch content on ABC iview, but you get terrible quality. Why is the quality so poor? Is there anything you can do about it? If you are suffering because of poor quality on ABC iview in Australia, there might be different reasons for doing so. If you are located in Australia Read More

Which VPN to use if I want to watch Netflix without compromising my privacy?

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My first test of the IPSX platform (the IP exchange)

A few months ago, I wrote some articles about something called IPSX, an IP address exchange. A few days ago the exchange went online, and anyone can now rent IP addresses all around the globe using the platform. If you want to visit the IP Exchange, visit to learn more about it and give it Read More