Why is the ABC iview quality so poor?

Are you trying to watch content on ABC iview, but you get terrible quality. Why is the quality so poor? Is there anything you can do about it?

If you are suffering because of poor quality on ABC iview in Australia, there might be different reasons for doing so. If you are located in Australia and suffering, then it might be because you are using a very slow Internet connection and you cannot get any better quality.

By default, you automatically get the ideal streaming quality on ABC iview

When you start watching content on ABC iview, you should by default get the ideal streaming quality. If you click the settings icon in the lower right corner, you will see that the quality is set to auto. In other words, it will automatically pick the ideal streaming quality and resolution for you. If your speed is slow, you will get the worst quality which is 180p. If you watch this quality on a larger screen, it will look terrible and be almost impossible to enjoy.

Select the quality on your ABC iview stream by clicking the settings icon in the lower right corner.
Select the quality on your ABC iview stream by clicking the settings icon in the lower right corner.

Now, you might be able to select the 576p resolution and quality as you stream ABC iview, but if your connection doesn’t work with such quality, it will stop and buffer all the time, making it just as terrible and annoying to watch.

What can be done about such speed issues?

If you get poor quality, it is therefore in 98% of all the cases about your Internet connection. You can try to increase the quality manually, and if it works, be happy, but if it keeps stopping and buffering all the time, it is because your Internet connection doesn’t work with such a high resolution (it is too slow).

If you just surf like a normal in Australia, it might be time to check on the Internet speed your ISP is giving you. Maybe you need to change to a faster Internet connection? You can also do an Internet speed test right here.

If you are trying to watch ABC iview abroad using a VPN, then your VPN connection might be the cause of the terrible resolution and quality on the ABC iview stream. The best solution is either to connect to a different VPN server in the same nation (if that is possible); or maybe to change and use one of our recommended VPN providers for ABC iview in Australia.

A slow VPN provider will make sure that everything goes slower online, and it will make it impossible to enjoy streaming content on ABC iview. But, it will not make you suffer only while watching ABC iview. You will also notice it whenever you visit other websites online or try to stream the content on other TV networks or streaming sites.

How to fix quality issues on ABC iview?

  • Try to manually increase the video quality.
  • Check your Internet speed (and change your ISP if it is too slow).
  • Change your VPN provider (if you try to watch ABC iview abroad using a VPN).

I hope these answers will help you stream all your favorite content on ABC iview no matter where you might be in the world!

If you still need help or some further advice, write a comment and I will do my best to answer and help you out!

6 thoughts on “Why is the ABC iview quality so poor?

  1. Susi says:

    Our abc iview if hopeless all of a sudden. There is like small skips in the transmission, just enough to miss a syllable, very annoying. All other streaming programs are fine.

  2. paul says:

    Only site I have issues with streaming. As soon as a slight break (split second) the episode info time left etc comes up on to the screen for a few seconds, clears and repeat loop again.. Bloody annoying

  3. kevin john baxter says:

    Only happens when I am watching All Creatures great and small.
    Doesn’t happen with any other abc iviews, netflix or disney.
    My internet speed is good, really fast.
    In my opinion it is abc’s issue.
    Any ideas?

  4. Phillip Elliott says:

    Enjoying Season 3 of Jack Irish watched via iview, which unfortunately comes through my TV looking like a Grandmothers shower cap has been pulled over the eyes. Its in SD or worse. Netflix, Youtube, work fine in HD & 4K, tried switching between 2.4 & 5ghz too. What are they doing over there at the ABC?

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