Why the FIFA World Cup for women is cool to watch?

World Cup womenThe FIFA World Cup for women has just started and you might ask yourself why you should watch it. After all, watching men play football is much cooler because of the higher tempo, better players and so on. And it is true, that you can see and feel the difference between football for men and for women, but there is still one thing that makes the FIFA World Cup for women cooler than for men. And that is…

First of all, football for women isn’t as big as football for men, and there is not at all that much money in the sport. That makes the differences much bigger, and that is why you can experience much more action and goals in the world cup matches for women. Just take an example from yesterday when there were two matches, in one match Germany won 10-0 against the Ivory Coast and in the other match Norway won 4-0 against Thailand. That is a lot of goals, and you experience such matches quite seldom in the FIFA World Cup for men (except from when Germany in the semi-final of the World Cup in Brazil managed to beat Brazil 7-1, a quite uncommon semi-final result).

In other words, as you watch the World Cup for women you can experience and see a lot of action, and you can get to know stars and great football players that you had never heard of before. And, if your nation is actually playing in the championship then you will have one more reason to follow and to cheer for your nation and team, because they might end up doing great!

So, have fun watching the FIFA World Cup for women and if you want to know more about how you can watch the action online, read our guide to watching the FIFA World Cup online.

Tonight there will be four new matches:

Sweden – Nigeria
United States – Australia
Cameroon – Ecuador
Japan – Switzerland

Hopefully there will be loads of goals and action, and the big favorite to win the entire tournament (together with Germany), United States, will play their opening match tonight, so we are really curious how the match will end for them as they play against Australia tonight.


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