Winter Olympics “pre-kick-off” today!

It is February 7th at the time we are writing this article, and you might wonder why we write about a kick-off for the Winter Olympics today?! The opening ceremony will be arranged on February 9th, so what’s going on today?

There are some competitions taking place during the Olympics that require more time than others. One example of such a tournament is curling. For that reason, the curling competition during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang will start on February 8th in South Korea (9:05 in the morning local time), but for the rest of the world that might end up being today, on January 7th. We are writing this article in Central Europe, and in CET (Central European Time) the first matches will start at 1.05 in the morning on February 8th. If you travel to England it will start at 00.05 on February 8th in the morning, but if you travel to the United States, it will still be February 7th as the curling competitions start during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in South Korea.

winter olympics schedule

Are you eager to stream all the action online? We have an article dedicated to the Winter Olympics and how to stream them online, so click the link in order to find the best way possible to stream the Winter Olympics online.

Besides curling, you can also see ski jumping training jumps for both men and women during the Winter Olympics pre-kick-off, so stay ready for lots of action and some great jumps.


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