How can I watch from outside the US? is the number one portal one for those who want to know everything about the Winter Olympics, and for those who want to see absolutely everything. The opening ceremony is already history, and in a couple of hours, the athletes will start competing for gold medals. But, how can I watch those on from outside the US? from abroad

On February 9th it is time for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang in Sout Korea. In the upcoming weeks there will be fantastic competitions, and maybe the USA will become the most winning nation again (as they were during the Sochi Olympics). If you want to watch the Winter Olympics on NBC in the USA, read on. If you would like to know about other ways to stream the Winter Olympics online, click the link. basic requirements

  • You must be a subscriber to a TV provider video package that includes specific NBCU networks (varies by provider). You will need this information as you sign up at
  • It is free to use, but you need the username and password as mentioned in the first point.
  • You need to be located in the United States.

These requirements might seem tough, but there are ways to fix everything!

If you do not have an NBC cable subscription

To get an NBC cable subscription, you actually need to do something else. Visit Fubo TV in the United States and sign up for one of their packages which includes NBC. Fubo TV has a free trial period, so this will work brilliantly if you want to stream the Winter Olympics on NBCOlympics. Once you have signed up for Fubo TV, visit NBCOlympics and as you register there, set Fubo TV as your service provider.

fubo tv nbc
Set Fubo TV as your NBC network provider

When you have done so, you can stream, even without an actual NBC Cable subscription. If you live outside the USA, find out more on how to watch and sign up for Fubo TV from abroad right here.

If you have an NBC cable subscription, and all you want is to be able to stream NBCOlympics with your cable subscription abroad, keep on reading.

Watch from abroad with your NBC cable subscription

If you have an NBC cable subscription, but cannot stream the content on NBCOlympics because you are located abroad, this is what you need to do.

To watch from outside the United States, you need to make them believe that you are actually located in the United States. This can be done using a VPN that will provide you with anĀ American IP address. What we usually do when in need of an American IP address is to use the VPN services provided by HideMyAss. They have several servers in the United States, and if you are located in Europe they even have some servers in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom providing you with an American IP address. This is to ensure you that you will get great speeds and a total pleasure as you watch from outside the US. You can even use HideMyAss to get access to American Netflix (it that sounds nice).


Press the button above and get started. Visit the HideMyAss website, make a subscription (and know that they have a 30-day money refund policy), download the HideMyAss app and connect to USA server. You are now ready to watch from abroad. It is as easy as it sounds!

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