Was it worth waiting for Kevin?

The new season of Kevin Can Wait has aired for a few weeks on CBS. It was one of our big CBS favorites last year, but can it live up to the pilot season?

Kevin Can Wait

The second season of Kevin Can Wait starts with a boom… Kevin’s wife somehow died, and now he is raising the children and Chale on his own. We are not left much time to think about the wife, because life goes on, and Chale is about to be thrown out of the country, as his request for a new VISA wasn’t accepted. This is the main story for the pilot episode of the second season and based on the first episode we look forward to the upcoming episodes. There are already four episodes available on CBS All Access waiting for us, but we haven’t got that far yet. There are so many great TV series worth watching at the moment that we have great trouble catching up with all of them.

Kevin Can Wait outside the USA

Would you like to watch Kevin Can Wait as well? The show has received good critics in the USA, but you can not see it on many TV channels outside the USA. For that reason, if you want to stream Kevin Can Wait outside the USA, the best method is by streaming it on CBS All Access. That can be done from abroad, and if you want to know how, read our article on how to stream CBS from abroad.

Several other shows are aired on CBS at the moment, just like Kevin Can Wait. One of the last years great disappointments was Macgyver, but if you are a fan, go ahead and stream the second season of Macgyver on CBS All Access as well. There are lots of other shows available, and in a few days, we can continue to know more about the childhood of Sheldon Cooper in The Young Sheldon.

Which are your favorite CBS shows?

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