The Young Sheldon on CBS All Access

We are big fans of The Big Bang Theory, and especially Sheldon Cooper, but what was Sheldon Cooper like as a kid? You can now watch The Young Sheldon on CBS!

The first episode of The Young Sheldon aired on CBS after this seasons Big Bang Theory premiere. The goal was of course to get Big Bang Theory fans to fall in love with the Young Sheldon as well. The second episode will air on November 3rd, which means, in two weeks from now.

The Young Sheldon on CBS

We have just streamed the first episode of The Young Sheldon on CBS All Access, and to be honest, it was boring. Maybe it was because it was late in the evening, and we had better things to do. But, for some reason, The Young Sheldon was boring, and our attention was drawn in all other directions, instead of towards the TV on which we streamed CBS All Access using the CBS app and our Chromecast.  Would you like to know more about how you can stream The Big Bang Theory on CBS All Access from abroad? Press the link!

We have followed those instructions ourselves, and for that reason, we can now stream CBS All Access on computers, Apple TV and also Chromecast from all across the world!

What else to stream on CBS All Access instead?

We will check out on some of the future The Young Sheldon episodes, and hopefully it will get better and better. But, until then, there are lots of other stuff worth streaming on CBS All Access instead. Why not watch The Big Bang Theory? That is the best, and most popular CBS show of them all. If you feel like streaming something else, then what about Kevin Can Wait or maybe Macgyver?

There are lots of shows to stream, so have a good time as you do so!

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