10 movies to stream on Netflix Canada in July.

Are you looking for a movie worth streaming on Netflix in Canada in July? This is your guide and it will contain recommendations of 10 movies that we believe will make your summer even sweeter. Some of them might stir you up, while others will come with shooting and action, while others will be adventurous, or maybe give you a big laugh. Who knows?

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Ten movies worth watching on Netflix Canada in July 2023.

Since you live in Canada, you probably know mostly what’s on the platform. Maybe you have looked through everything you can find, but you don’t feel fully satisfied. Can we give you a recommendation that will surprise you or that you have overlooked? We surely hope so!

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

The first movie is Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. Maybe you have missed this movie because it is brand new and it was released on Canadian Netflix a few days ago. The movie itself was in cinemas worldwide a few months ago, making this a fantastic blockbuster movie currently on Netflix in Canada (the only country in the world).

Dungeons and Dragons on Netflix

This is a real adventure movie with lots of humor and action. If you haven’t seen it, give it a try!

World War Z

I am not a big fan of this, but if you like zombie movies and/or Brad Pitt, this is a movie worth watching. Here you can see what’s happening as zombies invade earth and Brad Pitt is out there to save humanity! The movie has a 72% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes which is fairly good considering that it really is a zombie movie (which many people hate).


Would you like to see Kate Winslet kiss Leonardi di Caprio? Are you in for a romantic evening and you want to make it an evening to remember? Watch Titanic and stop the movie before the boat sinks! Or maybe you have heard all the news about the submarine with four rich passengers that probably exploded as they submersed to see the Titanic close up? This movie will take you closer to the story in a fairy tale way. This is a movie any film-lover should see!

Going the Distance

Do you remember the days when Drew Barrymore was a part of all sorts of romantic movies all the time? My favorite was her appearance in Music and Lyrics, not because of Drew Barrymore, but because of the music and the fabulous role of Hugh Grant.

Going the Distance is a movie with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long in which they have to survive a long-distance relationship. Will it work out? What are the dangers? This is a traditional romantic movie that you can predict easily after watching the first 15 minutes.


This is just funny. It is a serious movie about a former agent who tries to live a normal life in the middle of nowhere. One day burglars break into their home and his reaction is very special. It all leads to his past coming back to him, and Bob Odenkirk is just amazing in this role. My wife who doesn’t like action movies laughed and wondered whether it was a comedy or an action movie. I just had a good time. If you are in for a somewhat interesting action movie, go for Nobody!


Did you miss out on the legendary movie Dune from 2021 starring Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson? You don’t have to look any further as it is available on Netflix in Canada. Dune is about a boy who needs to travel to a dangerous place to save his people. His destiny awaits him at the new location.

Edge of Tomorrow

Are you ready to watch Tom Cruise in an action version of Groundhog day with Bill Murray? This is an extraordinary movie and I have seen it several times and totally enjoy it whenever I stream it. The movie can now be seen on Netflix in Canada, making it perfect for those with teenagers in the house who would like to see an action movie with some humor and an interesting story!

The Hunger Games

The first movie in The Hunger Games series was fantastic. The other movies were great as well, but the first was the most revolutionary of them all as it gave us a first taste of this universe. Many consider these movies to be just as legendary as the Indiana Jones series, the Star Wars movies, the Lord of the Rings, the God of Thrones. In many ways, one of the most important film trilogies so far in the 21st century, so use this chance to watch the first movie in the series on Canadian Netflix.


If we speak of series, let us not forget about Spider-Man. There are several Spider-Man movies on Canadian Netflix, meaning that you can see different actors in the role of Spider-Man if you decide to stream everything available of Spider-Man movies.

spider-man on netflix

As you can see, there are several movies to choose from, including one of the newest movies, Far From Home.

I hope these suggestions will help you find something worth streaming on Canadian Netflix tonight. If you have further ideas or suggestions, please use the comment field below!

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