The best VPN for Canadian Netflix in 2024.

Are you residing outside Canada, but would love to watch content on Canadian Netflix? Are you currently in Canada, but you are in need of a VPN that will give you access to all the content on Canadian Netflix while encrypting your data and protecting you online? In this article, I will tell you which is the best VPN for Canadian Netflix right now. I have tested many VPN providers and here I will tell you which you can use to access Canadian Netflix and the names of some that Netflix in Canada blocks.

best vpn for canadian netflix

Are you in a hurry? Are you just desperate for a VPN to help stream content on Canadian Netflix? If you don’t want to read all the extras and lots of useful information, go ahead and use the VPN services of Surfshark. This is one of the cheapest VPNs on the market and at the same time one of the best. It is fantastic with Netflix in general, and also for Canadian Netflix. Click the button below to give it a try.

Visit the website ofSurfshark

Surfshark has a 30-day money-back guarantee. As a result, you can purchase your subscription within thirty days and get all your money in return.

If you are in a real hurry, do the following to watch Canadian Netflix using Surfshark.

  • Visit the Surfshark website and purchase a subscription.
  • Download the Surfshark VPN application to your computer, telephone, tablet, or TV, or directly to your browser (using the browser extensions available for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge).
  • Launch the application and connect to a server in Canada.
  • Run the Netflix application or visit the Netflix website.

You are now ready to watch Canadian Netflix using the VPN services of Surfshark. This fantastic VPN will also give you access to Netflix content in countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the USA, the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, Mexico, and several others.

Would you like to know more about this topic? Let us slow it all down!

Why are some VPN providers better than others for Canadian Netflix?

One VPN can be better than another VPN for several reasons. Some VPN providers operate with slow VPN servers. Since all your traffic is going through those VPN servers before it hit the websites and streaming services that you are interested in, your traffic will be much slower. That is incredibly annoying and it can ruin your Netflix experience as well considering that it will take a long time to load the Netflix page and the streaming will often be interrupted by the content loading.

The most important, however, is the VPNs capability of accessing the real content on Canadian Netflix. What do I mean by that? Netflix in Canada blocks most VPN providers. It isn’t enough to provide you with a Canadian IP address. If you use an average VPN provider, you will only see a Netflix version with Netflix’s original content only. As a result, you will not see the content that makes Canadian Netflix unique and interesting.

This means that you will see Ozark, Stranger Things, Designated Survivor, and other Netflix original shows. But, you will not see content specifically bought by Netflix Canada to please their customers.

Would you like to do a quick test to see whether you see the real Canadian Netflix content or not? Search for one of the following titles:

  • Tenet
  • Jason Bourne
  • Wonder Woman 1984
  • Edge of Tomorrow
  • The Witches

Do you see one or more of the titles above? If you do, you have access to the real content of Canadian Netflix. If you don’t, you either see the “limited version” or you are seeing the Netflix content of another country.

For this reason, it is important to choose the right VPN for Canadian Netflix. If you don’t, you might end up with a slow VPN that doesn’t give access to Canadian Netflix.

surfshark and canadian netflix

I have already told you that Surfshark is a fantastic VPN for Canadian Netflix. Are there any other VPN services that can help you as well?

You can also use the following VPN services to watch Canadian Netflix.

Surfshark is great for Canadian Netflix and it is also among the cheapest VPN providers on the market. But, maybe you would like to use some other VPN instead? Are there any other VPN services that will give you good download speeds and access to Canadian Netflix at the same time? The answer is yes!

Watch Canadian Netflix with NordVPN.

NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN that is getting better and better. Not only is it good for Netflix in approximately 10 countries, but it is also great for many other TV networks and streaming services. The service is well-known and it has a good reputation online. They are also sponsoring the Premier League club Liverpool FC.

You can use one NordVPN subscription on six devices simultaneously. Besides this, they have applications for all the big operating systems, and also browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. NordVPN doesn’t have any bandwidth limitations, and you can freely connect to all of their servers as often and as much as you like. This popular VPN provider has servers in nearly 60 countries.

Visit the website ofNordVPN

NordVPN is more expensive than Surfshark, but you will get a nice discount if you click the button above. To take good care of their customers, NordVPN has live support available and a 30-day full-refund policy available.

now you see me on Netflix Canada
You can watch one of my favorite movies named Now You See Me on Canadian Netflix.

How to watch Canadian Netflix with NordVPN?

  • Visit the NordVPN website and purchase a subscription.
  • Log in to your NordVPN account at the website and download the VPN applications to the devices on which you want to watch Netflix (computers, telephones, tablets, TVs).
  • Install the NordVPN application after downloading the file(s).
  • Run the application and connect to a server in Canada.
  • Watch all the fantastic movies and TV shows on Canadian Netflix.

If you connect to a server in the USA you can watch American Netflix, PeacockTV, Paramount+, Hulu, and many other popular services. Would you rather stream BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom or some movie on British Netflix? Connect to a server in the United Kingdom instead!

Watch Canadian Netflix with ExpressVPN.

The third option for Canadian Netflix is the top-rated service named ExpressVPN. This VPN has been around for a long time and it is probably the best VPN in general for unblocking. They have extremely fast servers, meaning that you will seldom experience any delay at all while using their services. Besides this, they have servers in almost 100 countries, making it one of the biggest VPN providers on the market.

You should be aware that ExpressVPN costs more than both NordVPN and Surfshark. But, you will get a discount if you click the button below. Consequently, you will get 3 months for free when you purchase a 12-month plan.

Visit the website ofExpressVPN

ExpressVPN can be used on five devices at the same time, and they also protect you with a 30-day refund policy.

The ExpressVPN application is very easy to use and this popular has implemented the Wireguard protocol in all their applications. What more is there to say?

Follow these steps to watch Canadian Netflix with ExpressVPN.

  • Visit the ExpressVPN website and purchase a subscription for either 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months. You get +3 months as a gift if you purchase the 12-month plan.
  • Download the ExpressVPN application/extension to your phones, tablets, computers, browsers, and/or TVs.
  • Launch the ExpressVPN application and connect to a server in Canada. They have several servers in Canada, but all of them should work fine with Canadian Netflix, meaning you can randomly select any of them.
  • Restart your browser and/or Netflix application. You are now ready to stream all the content on Canadian Netflix with ExpressVPN.
movies on canadian netflix

It sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

If you have read the instructions in this article, it all sounds easy. It is, when you know which VPN to use. But, if you just try random VPN providers, you will suffer more. It might be that ProtonVPN, Tunnelbear, IPVanish, HideMyAss, and other VPNs will give you Canadian IP addresses, but you will not see the real content of Canadian Netflix. That is why it is important to follow the instructions in this article.

And since you are protected by the full refund policies of all the recommended VPN providers, you do not really have anything to fear.

Are you ready to give it a try? What are you planning to watch on Canadian Netflix? I would love to hear your reason for streaming Canadian Netflix abroad (if you are located outside Canada).

I searched for a long time before I found these VPNs myself, but I am happy now to know about them. After all, Canadian Netflix is one of the best places to watch fantastic blockbuster movies on Netflix.

If you have any further comments or questions, please write them in the comment field below.

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