2000 PRE tokens is the new minimum required in order to run a Presearch node from October 8th.

The Presearch search engine is experiencing rapid growth. Since the news was released that new Android users in Europe will be presented with the opportunity to use Presearch as their default search engine as they set up their new devices, the price exploded and experienced a 10x price boost within a couple of days. Before the boost, the price was $0.04 per token, but right now it is trading at $0.25 per token. Not only has the news caused a giant interest in the token itself, but the interest for creating Presearch nodes has also exploded.

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In order to understand the growth that has happened in the Presearch universe in the last month, just take a look at these numbers.

  • Currently, there are more than 23,000 Presearch nodes running.
  • More than 10,000 of these have been created within the last month.
  • They have seen nearly 1000 nodes created in one single day.

In the most recent Presearch Weekly article on Medium (which was published on September 29th) they said that they were considering increasing the number of Presearch tokens required to create a node. They wrote it like this.

The growth is exceeding our expectations. In fact, we’re considering increasing the minimum stake due to the demand and are looking for feedback from the community.

That was four days ago, and yesterday (three days later), they published the following tweet on Twitter.

In other words, they considered increasing the number of tokens required to create a Presearch node, thought about it and probably discussed it for a few days, and then they quickly made a decision and created a Tweet about it. In other words, the thinking period was quickly finished and from October 8th in 2021, you will need 2000 PRE tokens in order to run and create a Presearch node.

From October 8th, 2000 PRE tokens are required to create a new Presearch node

A nice change is the fact that it will be easier to actually create the node. Until now, you have had to wait for almost 24 hours before your request to create your first node has been received. But, this will be made easier with these upcoming changes, meaning that you can get started and create your node at once. You will still need the registration code, but this will be handed out to you immediately and you do not have to wait for it for several hours in order to get started.

What will happen to my old Presearch nodes? Do I need to buy more tokens?

Do you already have one or more Presearch nodes? Will you need to buy more tokens to keep your nodes running? The answer to that question is no! Those nodes will be grandfathered in, meaning that they will be allowed to continue running with only 1000 tokens staked. But, any new node created by the same person after October 8th will have to meet the requirement of 2000 PRE tokens per node.

What can you do with this information? If you are a node owner and want to create more nodes, hurry up and create as many nodes as possible before October 8th. If you need help and instructions, take a look at our detailed guide explaining how you can create a Presearch node in a very easy way (and which VPS to use).

If you haven’t even used Presearch yet, register your account and start using the search engine. It is decentralized and you are even rewarded every time you use the search engine. And as we always say… you will search the web anyway, so why not receive rewards while doing it?

Can I earn a lot if I run a Presearch node?

I believe running a Presearch node is first of all an investment in the future. If you decide to set up a node today, it is like saying that you believe in the project and you believe that it will become bigger and bigger and get a more important position in the search engine market in the future. Even if you select a cheap VPS for your Presearch node, the current rewards will barely cover the fee you pay for the VPS. But, it is still a passive income, and if you just keep your tokens, you can trust that both the tokens that you stake and the rewards will be worth much more in the future.

Once again, you will not get rich right now running a Presearch node, but currently, it is more like placing a bet saying that you believe in the project, you support the project, and you want to take a chance and invest in your future! Don’t forget, if you mined Bitcoin in 2012, you didn’t do so with much profit back then. But, if you kept the Bitcoin you mined back then (almost without profit), you would be utterly rich today. So, once again, investing in Presearch is investing in the future!

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