StrongBlock in July 2022… is it dead? What’s up with the Fantom nodes, Ethereum nodes, rewards cap, and more?

It is really hard to imagine that the price per STRONG token was more than $1000 in November 2021. At the moment, the same token is trading at $6 and the STRNGR token (which has become the new reward token) is worth less than $3. But, we shouldn’t judge a project by the price only. Read More

Thor Financial is changing its claim tax system, punishing those who claim frequently and rewarding those who wait for more than 28 days!

There are lots of node protocols out there (NaaS) and StrongBlock is the most famous of them all. But, if you start to ask people about other node protocols, there is little doubt about the fact that Thor Financial (Thor Nodes) might be the second most famous (and popular). But, seeing that the price was Read More

Error message in Ubuntu – Running an Ethereum node -> Useful commands!

This article will be a little messy, but it will also contain some functions and commands that might help you run your Ethereum node in a more efficient way. Some of the commands might even help you even though you do not run an Ethereum node. So, no matter why you are here, I hope Read More

Why FIRE (Phoenix Community Capital) might perform better than the other node projects long-term?

We are just attacked by node projects every single day, especially node projects running on the Avalanche blockchain. Phoenix Community Capital (FIRE) is one of them, but I guess they would disagree, because they do not have nodes, but instead, they have nests. But, for the average investors, that doesn’t really matter, because they don’t Read More