Why I believe StrongBlock to be one of the safest investments in the cryptosphere in 2021!

It is January 7th, and the cryptocurrencies are booming. It is a bullmarket, Bitcoin has crossed 38,000 USD, Ethereum has crossed 1200 USD, and many currencies have exploded in value recently. StrongBlock has not been booming, and compared to Ethereum, it is at an all time low, while the Dollar value is currently around 26 Read More

Which is the best VPS for running an Ethereum node (and other nodes)?

Would you like to run a node for the Ethereum blockchain, or maybe some other blockchain? Which VPS will give you the best prices with the best speeds and the best software? I have taken a look upon some of the most famous VPS services, and I will try to give you some solid answers Read More

What is the number of known states for the Ethereum blockchain right now?

Are you running an Ethereum node? Would you like to run an Ethereum node? What is the number of known states right now? If you ask that question, you are most likely in the process of synchronizing your Ethereum node, and you are wondering whether or not the syncing will ever come to an end! Read More