25% discount on annual StrongVPN packages

Are you considering StrongVPN as your VPN provider? They currently offer a 25% discount on their annual packages, so hurry up before it ends on August 14th.

We recently reported that we had updated our StrongVPN review, meaning that it is now up to date. Lots of things have happened to this VPN provider which once was among the leading providers, but then somehow they got lost. Luckily they found themselves again, and it seems as they are on the right track again.

Celebrating the new school year about to start they are therefore offering a 25% discount on their annual packages at the moment. If you visit the StrongVPN website (click the button beneath to do so) you can use the following discount code to get your 25% discount on their annual packages: BACKTOSCHOOL

StrongVPN discount
Get a 25% discount on the annual StrongVPN packages (valid until August 14th, 2016)

Is StrongVPN for me?

StrongVPN is for sure a VPN provider to be considered, at least if they have a server in the nation you are interested in. They are not at all as big as IPVanish, PureVPN and HideMyAss. However the size doesn’t really matter, because who cares if StrongVPN lacks a server in Saudi Arabia when all you want is to connect to a server in the USA? In other words, if they have a server in the nation(s) you are interested in, that should be more than enough.

One thing worth knowing is that StrongVPN at times work very well with Netflix. You can for example use StrongVPN to access US and Canadian Netflix from abroad. This isn’t supposed to work, but StrongVPN has several servers still working for this purpose, so if you want to access Netflix from abroad, StrongVPN might be your solution. You can contact their customer service for more information on this if you should bump into any trouble!

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