75% discount on renting Amazon Videos

Want to rent a great film and watch it online in the coming days? Until January 4th Amazon.com has a great 75% discount available making it possible to rent any film with a 75% discount. This is only available to people in the USA with an American address and payment card.

But, luckily this discount can be enjoyed by others as well, you just need to make sure that you are registered with an address in the USA, that you have a US payment card registered (or money on a gift card on your Amazon account) and of course that you have an American IP address or a SmartDNS service up and running.

We have just rented Ant-Man and if you rent a film you have 30 days to actually watch the film which is a whole lot, so it might be that we will only see the film in 2016, but now we have at least rented it and after applying the discount we only paid 1,50 USD, and that is not at all a bad price!

Want to check it out yourself? Visit Amazon.com and watch a film yourself.

For more information on watching Instant Videos online read our following article on the subject. For further news on newly added films to Amazon Prime and films made available as Instant Videos, we can warmly recommend this site.

Happy new year everyone!

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