How to watch Amazon Instant Video from abroad?

amazon instant videoFilms are always made available in the USA first, and then a while after they are made available in the rest of the world. But, what to do if you can not wait, and want to see a new film on Amazon Instant Video in the USA before it is made available in your country? Here is the solution!

If you try to watch Amazon Instant Video (a film in the US Amazon store) you will get an error message probably looking something like this: unavailable from abroad
This is the way the Instant Video error message looked earlier


Amazon instant Videos abroad
If you try to watch Instant Videos or Prime videos outside the USA now you will see this error message

I just wanted to watch the film 12 Years a Slave online on Amazon Instant Video, but as I tried to watch it from Europe I got the mentioned error message. So, what did I do to fix the error and get started?

Watching Amazon Instant Video from abroad

What I did to watch the film online from Europe was two things. First of all I got myself an American IP address using a VPN provider. In my case I used PureVPN which is known for good speeds which is important as you watch films online. I connected to their fastest US server and then I restarted my browser and visited again.

Once there I found the film I was looking for (in thise case 12 Years a Slave) and pressed the button to rent the film. This worked fine and then as I needed a new address I simply found an address in the USA and create a new address in my already existing profile. I just found a hotel in the USA and used their postal information, and it works fine as long as you do not order stuff to be delivered to that address. Examples of some US postal addresses:

US Postal addresses you can use:

Your name – 780 Mission Street, San Francisco, California, 94103, USA
Your name – 325 Convention Center Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109, USA

As you get yourself a postal address profile in the USA and a US IP address this should work perfectly and you can watch films on Amazon Instant in the USA shop from all across the world whenever you want to!

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