A hotel-booking site much cheaper than Booking.com

Most hotel bookers use websites such as Booking.com, Hotels.com, and Trivago.com to book their hotels. But, did you know that there is a lot of money to save if you use Locktrip, a cryptocurrency based hotel booking platform?

Maybe you are scared of the word cryptocurrency? There is no need to worry, because you do not need to own any cryptocurrency to use Locktrip, and you do not need to know anything about it either. The platform is available to everyone and you can easily pay for your booking using a VISA-card or some other payment card online. But, is it worth using Locktrip? I have just done a little video-test in which I compare the prices for Booking.com and Locktrip. Take a look at the video beneath to see what the test was like and what the results were.

Comparing the prices of Booking.com with the Locktrip prices.

Results of the Booking.com vs. Locktrip comparison

So, we compared three hotels in the video above, but in the reality we have compared many more hotel prices. Take a look beneath to check the results.

All the bookings we did were for three nights, from January 2nd to January 5th in 2019, and we simply wanted the cheapest possible room in the mentioned hotels.

Booking.com priceLocktrip price
Sofitel Budapest494 USD419 USD
Grand Hotel Vienna986 USD782 USD
Corus Hotel Hyde Park433 USD384 USD
Eurostars Lex (Barcelona)209 USD171 USD
Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile513 USD459 USD
Radisson Blu Plaza Oslo484 USD457 USD
New York Marriott Marquis779 USD575 USD

Above you can see some of the test results. As you can see, Locktrip is much cheaper than Booking.com at all the exampled hotels above. I do not suggest that you trust the Locktrip prices blindly, so when you do your next booking, compare the prices, and book at the cheapest one. But, I do believe there is a 95% chance that the cheapest version will be to do the booking on Locktrip, but still… test it yourself!

As you can see in the video above, you will not see the Dollar prices on the Locktrip website before you actually log in. I therefore recommend that you simply register and create a user first, and after that, it will be much easier to get an overview of the prices and compare what you find!

If you have done the comparison yourself, please return here to write a comment and to share your experience. Did Booking.com beat Locktrip, or did you end up with results similar to the one presented to you above, meaning Locktrip had much lower prices than Booking.com? I look forward to hearing from you as you write a comment!

A few words about Locktrip

We are often skeptical when we read and hear about new services such as Locktrip. How can they come up with so much lower prices than Booking.com? The reason is simple, they operate their platform with a 0% commission fee. In other words, they do not take anything paid for helping you get the booking done! As a result, the different between the Locktrip and the Booking.com prices can be described as the fees deducted by Booking.com after every single booking.

But, how can Locktrip operate in this way?
That is a valid question, and one we have asked ourselves. In general, Locktrip will, for example, offer packages to hotels that are featured on their site, and for these packages the hotels will have to pay to Locktrip. They will thus, make money selling products to advertisers and companies featured on the website.

Locktrip will also “make money” as the platform is frequently used, as that will result in an increase in the price of the LOC tokens, which again will make the company worth more money! If you want more details about the token economy of Locktrip, read this article.

Not convinced yet? Visit the Locktrip website and give it a try!

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