Changing your Netflix region as you travel within the EU!

Do you have a Netflix subscription in an EU country. You have probably noticed by now that you bring your Netflix subscription and your home-country with you as you travel to another EU country. Since 2018, EU has created a new law which makes people bring their home-Netflix region with them as they visit other Read More

A hotel-booking site much cheaper than

Most hotel bookers use websites such as,, and to book their hotels. But, did you know that there is a lot of money to save if you use Locktrip, a cryptocurrency based hotel booking platform? Maybe you are scared of the word cryptocurrency? There is no need to worry, because you do Read More

My first real-life experience with LockTrip

I believe that cryptocurrencies will go mainstream when the common man wants to use it because it makes life easier, cheaper and/or better. LockTrip is a project that does so when it comes to finding cheap accommodation online. And for that reason, I just gave it a try! I have written and mentioned LockTrip earlier as Read More