Testing PrivateVPN and their download speeds!

PrivateVPN is a quite new VPN provider to us, but that makes us even more curious about finding out whether or not it is a good one. Read on to see the results of our first PrivateVPN speed test!

We will come up with a full PrivateVPN review within the first weeks of 2019, but as of now, we have just started lightly with this PrivateVPN speed test.

PrivateVPN is the product of a Swedish company, and to be honest, it always sounds more serious with a company that is located in Europe or in the USA than those located in more “lawless” nations. But, at the same time, VPN providers following the regulations of the EU are also less likely to take care of your data as they are forced to give away whatever date is required by the local laws and the EU laws. In other words, there are cons and pros with everything. But, lets skip the chatting about those things right now, and instead, let us take a look at the results of our first PrivateVPN speed test!

See our live test of the PrivateVPN download speeds!

PrivateVPN speed test results

My initial download speed before using PrivateVPN was: 487 Mbps

  • Download speed from PrivateVPN server in Norway: 82 Mbps
  • Download speed from a server in Japan: 70 Mbps
  • Using a PrivateVPN server in Canada: 123 Mbps
  • Using a server in Austria: 12 Mbps
  • Connecting to a PrivateVPN server in England: 168 Mbps
  • Testing a PrivateVPN server in the USA: 67 Mbps

If I want to make a conclusion based on this test, I would say that you can safely sign up for and use PrivateVPN to keep you safe online. It can also be used to unblock Netflix in lots of regions (probably the best VPN for unblocking Netflix as of December 2018). The download speeds were great, and even if you connect to a server like the one in Austria, the speeds you get are more than enough for streaming movies online and download content. If you want to do torrenting or move big files, simply connect to one of the faster servers!

Have you tested PrivateVPN? Were you satisfied with the download speeds they provided and with the product in general? I would love to hear your thoughts and your comments about their services!

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