A Triangle of Sadness review.

I went to the cinema to watch the brand new movie from Ruben Östlund titled Triangle of Sadness. It has already won a Palme D´Or price, and some people expect it to be nominated for the Academy Awards in 2023. But, if you have some experience, you probably know that many movies nominated for Oscar awards are boring and crappy. What is the truth about Triangle of Sadness? Is it a movie worth watching?

woody harrelson in triangle of sadness

Triangle of Sadness is not the typical Hollywood movie. It reminds me a little bit of the Norwegian movie The Worst Person in the World which was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year. But, the story itself is very different.

What is Triangle of Sadness about?

Triangle of Sadness tells us the story of two models who live together. It seems to be a relationship mostly built on the thought that it will gain both of them. In other words, it isn’t a big love story at all. They fight over money, and it also seems to be an issue about which of them earns more than the other. Is it right that the girl earns more than the boy?

What can they do to take the relationship to the next level? They are invited to a luxurious cruise ship where they can share pictures on social media while enjoying their days. Maybe this gives them the chance to finally fall in love for real.

Unfortunately, the cruise doesn’t end up exactly as expected. The other guests consist of a Russian oligarch, a British arms dealer, and a coterie of nefarious characters, all under the command of a Marx-quoting American captain. This could be a mixture of brilliant people, but they seem to be rather stupid in their own way. For example, the wife of the British arms dealer picks up a grenade that is about to explode, proud to see that it is one they have produced themselves.

triangle of sadness review

There are many special characters on the ship, and the story makes fun of many of them (while they try to play their roles seriously).

The trip on the ship comes to a sad end as pirates arrive and the ship sinks. What will happen now? Everything is about to change as the status of the different persons suddenly turn completely around. If you are stuck on an island, nobody cares about your money. A skill like being able to light a fire, however, turns all the more important. How will this influence the lives of the survivors?

Is the movie worth watching?

This is a movie that many will love, but I have a feeling that many will find it boring. A teenager will not get the story or the humor. An adult will be able to better understand the message, but it doesn’t mean that they will necessarily like it.

Personally, I expected the movie to be funnier. I had read a review before watching Triangle of Sadness that it was just funny from start to end. I did not feel the same way. Honestly speaking, I didn’t laugh much, except for the crazy scenes on the boat related to the captain’s dinner. There I actually laughed so hard that I almost got pain in my stomach. But, then the laughter stopped, and the movie got somewhat serious and back to the battle between the sexes and the roles again.

The movie ends leaving the end of the story to the imagination of the different viewers. I definitely have a theory about what would have happened if the movie would continue for 3 minutes, but so will you if you decide to watch Triangle of Sadness.

Triangle of Sadness conclusion.

This is an interesting movie. Many people will love it, but many will consider it boring. I ended up somewhere in between. I suggest that you check the trailer and if you find it interesting, you might want to give this movie a chance.

If you want to watch the movie, it is about to premiere in cinemas worldwide right now. As a result, we will have to wait for quite a while before the movie will be released on different streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max.

Have you seen Triangle of Sadness? How did you like the movie? Would it deserve an Oscar nomination? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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