The brand new PureVPN application for Ubuntu. [Screenshots and information]

Did you know that PureVPN has released a brand new application for Ubuntu? Users of the most popular Linux distribution (Ubuntu) can now enjoy the brand-new PureVPN application that comes with a graphical interface. Here you can take a closer look at the application to see whether it is worth installing or not.

It is important to notice that the brand-new application is only available for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based systems at the moment. As you visit the PureVPN website to download the different applications available, you will see something like this.

purevpn on linux devices

As you can see, Ubuntu is the only operating system with a GUI app at the moment. But, do not forget that there are several Linux distributions based on Ubuntu, and those are also supported. What does this mean?

If you use Linux Mint, Pop!_OS, KDE Neon, Elementary OS, Zorin OS, Linux Lite, or maybe Voyager, you can still download the Ubuntu GUI app to your computer. But, what does it look like?

Screenshots from the PureVPN GUI application for Ubuntu.

PureVPN in the start menu.

After you have installed PureVPN, you will immediately find the PureVPN icon in the start menu. I am writing this article using the Linux Mint (an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution), meaning that it might look different on an Ubuntu computer. But, you probably get the point.

purevpn icon in the ubuntu start menu

Here you can see the PureVPN icon in the Linux Mint start menu. The color is exactly the same in a normal Ubuntu installation, but the menu system is looking different.

The PureVPN application for Ubuntu (GUI).

When you run the application for the first time, you will need to log in. Below you can see a screenshot of the login screen for PureVPN on an Ubuntu system using the GUI application.

purevpn log in ubuntu

Nothing extraordinary about the screenshot, but you do not have to use the command line. That in itself is more than enough for most people.

What does the PureVPN application for Ubuntu look like?

When you have logged in, what does the main application look like? It is very similar to the Windows application, only with fewer options to choose from.

the main purevpn gui app screenshot

Once again, the screenshot is made using Linux Mint. As a result, the operating system in the background might look different than Ubuntu, but the PureVPN application itself will look entirely the same on an Ubuntu system.

connected to purevpn server

Above you can see what the application looks like after I have successfully connected to a server. It is important to notice that currently there is no support for the Wireguard protocol in the application. This makes the connection process a little bit slower, meaning that it often takes approximately 20 seconds before the connection is 100% ready and working (after I click the connect button).

What country do you want to connect to?

PureVPN has servers in approximately 70 countries. It is very easy to connect to the different locations using the application. It is worth noticing that several servers support P2P activities, while others do not. You will clearly see this in the list of servers and countries.

purevpn servers gui ubuntu

If you click the arrow next to the country, you can select a specific server in that given country (if there are more options to choose from).

purevpn ubuntu server list

As you can see, there are two servers available to PureVPN users in the United Kingdom. If you double-click any of these servers, the application will immediately connect you to the one you selected.

What’s up with your PurePVN account?

You can also take a look at your PureVPN profile within the interface of the Ubuntu application. Here you can see the email address with which you have registered your account, your VPN username, the subscription type, the billing cycle, and also the expiry date for your subscription.

subscription details

This is quite useful information because it helps you keep control of your subscription and other useful information.

Changing the PureVPNs settings in the Ubuntu GUI application.

There is a support option in the application. If you click this in the menu, your browser will open a new window and you will be able to ask for support at the PureVPN website. But, if you go to the preferences, you will be able to modify some settings. There isn’t a lot to change here, but you have some things you can do.

purevpn settings preferences ubuntu

There are three things you can change as you click the preferences option in the PureVPN application for Ubuntu.

  • General: Here you can decide whether to auto-connect to a PureVPN server as you launch the program. If you want this to happen, you can also decide which server you want to connect to by default.
  • Protocol: Here you can decide which protocol to use. Currently, TCP and UDP are the only options available.
  • Advanced: Not really advanced, but here you can enable or disable the Kill Switch. If it is enabled, all your Internet traffic will be blocked if the VPN connection should drop.

Would you like to use PureVPN in Ubuntu yourself?

You have now seen lots of screenshots from the PureVPN application with a graphical interface for Ubuntu and all other Linux distributions based on Ubuntu. Do you like what you see? Would you like to try PureVPN yourself? Click the button below to visit the PureVPN website.

PureVPNwith 31-day full refund

You can safely try PureVPN without worries. They have a refund policy valid for 31-days! You can use the same subscription on 10 devices at the same time, and just like they have an app for Ubuntu with a graphical interface, you can find similar apps (with more functions) for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, FireTV, and more.

I should also mention that PureVPN is the only VPN for Ubuntu that I have used not requiring any action to be made in the terminal window at all. In other words, you don’t need to use the command line at all, not even during the installation process.

What do you think? Is PureVPN the right VPN for you? Do you like the screenshots? Write a comment and let me hear from you!

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