Is Amazon Prime better than Netflix?

Jack RyanThis is a question that many people ask themselves, and it is a question we here in the IP Address Guide have asked ourselves quite sometimes. Now, after using both services for a while both for TV series, for films and for documentaries, we have finally made a verdict.

Before we wrote the article we read quite a lot of articles on the subject Netflix vs Amazon Prime, and in general most articles said that Amazon Prime membership gave you the chance to see more new films than with Netflix, as most films get added to Netflix very late. So as we started looking through the Amazon Prime library of new films we found quite a lot of films from 2014 like Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Wolf of Wall Street, World War Z and similar films. The first thought was that it is really true, Amazon Prime quicker publishes and makes films available to their members than Netflix. But, later we visited Netflix (US Netflix) to check out some stuff over there, and we were truly surprised to notice that all the three mentioned films were available on US Netflix as well. How come?

After this we did some more research in both catalogues, and it seems as if new films that are added to Amazon Prime is added in most cases to Netflix as well. For us this was one of the strongest pro’s of Amazon, but with the same films added to Netflix, it could not really be counted a pro for Amazon Prime anymore.

If you compare the catalogues of both services, there is no doubt that Netflix is much bigger, and if you even use a VPN, then you can enjoy all Netflix in all Netflix nations with one single subscription, and then that is a very big library. So, if the size is what is important, then Netflix is for sure the winner. If new films is important, then it is mostly the same.

If you are willing to pay for new videos and films then Amazon Instant Video will make them available to you at once as they are released on DVD, but then you will have to pay full price anyway, so it does not really matter if you are an Amazon Prime member or not.

So, Amazon Prime or Netflix?

In the end the decision is yours, but you will need to find out for what reason you want a subscription. The decision should be based on what you actually wants to see. has recently quite a lot of good TV shows and programs, both for adults and for kids, and if you want to see such productions such as Transparent or one of the many shows for kids, then you better go for Amazon Prime.

However, if you want to watch Netflix TV series such as Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Lilyhammer, Veggietales and other content created for and by Netflix, then Netflix is the answer.

If you do not care about the special content, all you want to is have fun and to find a nice film, then it is probably safer to go for Netflix because of the large size of their film and TV series library available.

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