An awesome rugby weekend!

Many people looked forward to the last weekend in the rugby world cup. We had some amazing matches coming up, and we certainly got what we hoped for. That is, we got excitement, goals, action, and some serious surprises!

Before the rugby world cup, Ireland was considered to be one of the greatest favorites. But, we all know that there is an advantage of playing at home ground, and so, many of us at least hoped that Japan would challenge the Irish squad a little during the match on Saturday. And guess what, they put the Irish guys out to such a big challenge that they actually ended up beating Ireland. That victory came as a surprise to most rugby fans worldwide.

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Australia vs Wales was a big highlight this weekend

Ireland was ranked the second-best rugby team in the world based on the stats as of September 23rd in 2019. Only New Zealand is supposed to be better than them, while Japan is the ninth-best team in the world. Well, things are about to change, because Japan is on the move. And lots of people are now completely mixed up. Many of the commentators had made up their schedules and decided how the knockout stage would look already. But, after Japan won against Ireland, many things have been turned around, and we might get some crucial challenges for Ireland coming up in the coming weeks.

The highlight on Sunday was the match between Australia and Wales. It became a really close race, but Wales managed to beat the Australian team in the end. After two matches, Australia now stands with one victory against Fiji, and a loss against Wales. This will also be a close race, and it seems as if Australia and Wales will end up as the two best teams in this group, as neither Fiji, Uruguay and Georgia seems to be able to keep up with the quality of these teams.

The coming week in the Rugby World Cup

You can find a full rugby world cup schedule in this article, but to be honest, the coming week will give us a lot of matches which should be easily won by one of the teams. None of the big nations should be challenged greatly in the upcoming matches.

The match between England and Argentina on October 5th might be interesting, but I guess it will end up with a big win for England. South Africa vs. Italy should give an easy win to South Africa, but if they lose this match, the world cup is most likely over for them. Can the Italians cause trouble for South Africa? I doubt it!

On October 3rd, Ireland will play against Russia. Japan has now defeated both Russia and Ireland, so based on that, this should be a close race. But, Ireland plays and have players of a different caliber and quality, meaning this should be an easy win for them. My guess is that the match will end with a 35-11 victory for Ireland!

Other events this week!

Rugby isn’t everything, and there will be some other great sports events taking place this week. What I look forward to the most are the Champions League matches on Tuesday and Wednesday. I have already written some articles about the upcoming Champions League match between Tottenham and Bayern Munchen, and also about the Wednesday match between Liverpool and Red Bull Salzburg. Click the links to find out more!

But, what are you looking forward to this week? Are there any specific rugby world cup matches you are curious about?

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