How to purchase CBS, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Sling, and other gift-cards with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash?

Would you like to buy a gift card for a popular streaming service, but you do not want to pay with a traditional credit card? Do you need a Hulu gift card to stream Hulu abroad, but you cannot buy it? Is an American payment card issued in the USA needed to pay for the gift-card you are looking for? Do you have trouble signing up for CBS All Access?

The motivation for purchasing a gift-card for platforms such as CBS, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Sling, Google Play Store, Skype, Rixti, and so on might differ from person to person. Maybe you just want to be nice to someone, or maybe you want to purchase it without giving up your identity? Maybe it is needed to bypass the geo-blocks of certain streaming services, or maybe your motivation is something completely different? No matter what, read on to find out how you can buy your gift-card online for the mentioned and some more platforms using the most famous and popular cryptocurrencies!

Buy all sorts of gift cards using your favorite cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum
You can buy gift cards for all these platforms (and many more) using Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin!

Where to buy your gift card using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash?

The place where you can buy gift cards using cryptocurrencies is the Gift Card Supply. You can visit their website by clicking the link. Once you are there, you can look through all the different gift cards and purchase those of interest to you.

During the checkout, you will see that they have many different accepted payment methods, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

Buy your Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, CBS, and other gift-cards paying with cryptocurrencies.
Buy your Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, CBS, and other gift-cards paying with cryptocurrencies.

Once you have purchased the given gift card, you will be sent the necessary information in an email, and you can use the gift card coupon/voucher code to redeem them at the given websites.

Who needs to buy a gift card using cryptocurrencies?

Maybe you want to use a cryptocurrency to support the industry itself and to help it go mainstream. We all know, the more people actually pay with cryptos, the more likely other business owners are to implement such payments methods in their own stores and shops. Maybe you simply want to spend some cryptos you have bought, or maybe you want to purchase without leaving any credit card information online.

Still, the most popular reason is to avoid blocks and limits many gift card sites have. What do I mean?

If you want to buy a Hulu gift card online, you will need to have an American PayPal account or a bank card issued in the United States to pay for it. This is nice if you live in the United States, but if you want to watch Hulu abroad and pay for your subscription, this is causing trouble. Since your cryptocurrencies aren’t linked to a certain address or country, there is no way to limit payments from Bitcoin holders living in other countries and on other continents.

In the same way, it can be hard to purchase real-life Apple iTunes gift cards valid for the US Apple Store in Europe. If you walk into a store and purchase a similar card in Germany, it will work in the EU, but not in the United States. So, how can you purchase an iTunes gift-card valid for use in the USA? Well, the option we have just described will get the job done for you. There is no need to own a credit card in the USA, nor a PayPal account in the USA, you can pay with your European card or with your cryptocurrencies using the link above.

Hulu isn’t the only streaming service making it hard to purchase gift cards online. CBS All Access is making its customers abroad suffer in the very same way. Luckily, the Gift Card store will help you purchase gift cards for CBS as well. These can easily be redeemed at their website, and you will be able to watch and stream within minutes, even if you live abroad.

Do not forget to combine the gift card with a VPN

For services such as Hulu and CBS All Access, it isn’t enough to pay for your account. You need an American IP address along the way which will give you access to their website and that will let you stream the content at the websites. There are many VPN providers giving you an IP address in the USA, but most of those are blocked by streaming services in the USA such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access, and Hulu. That is why we have several guides here in the IP Address Guide dealing with how you can stream Amazon Prime abroad, how to watch CBS abroad, and so on.

But, to make things easy for you… here you will find one VPN that will get the job done for all the mentioned streaming services (and lots of others)… ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN49% discount – 3 free months

ExpressVPN can freely be tried for 30-days as you are fully protected by their full refund policy. If you click the button above and sign up, you will even get to use it on five devices at the same time, and you will get three months of usage for free if you purchase their 12-months package.

Recommended steps to take when purchasing a gift card for an American streaming service!

  • Use the VPN services of ExpressVPN. Download their VPN client.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the USA.
  • Visit the Gift Card store and purchase the gift card you want to buy.
  • Pay with cryptocurrencies or with your normal credit card (not issued in the United States).
  • Go to the actual service to redeem your gift card.
  • Create a new account (if needed) or add the balance to your existing account.
  • Stream and have fun!

You should now be ready to buy a gift card that can be used on, to stream content on Hulu, to purchase a movie or music on iTunes, that will let you stream The Big Bang Theory on CBS All Access, that can be used to purchase a Spotify subscription, to rent a movie in the Google Play Store, to pay for League of Legends objects, or to use on the gaming service Steam.

The options and possibilities are many! Enjoy streaming, playing, giving, receiving, paying!

If you have a comment or a question along the way, use the comment field beneath!

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