Are you ready to stream “Victoria Fenberg” and “Cornelius Ruck” on Netflix? (The Blacklist season 7)

The Blacklist season 7 is finally returning after a way too long winter break. Many fans have been suffering from the absence of Raymond Reddington, and even though the first 10 episodes of season 7 were magnificent, you cannot watch them many times without getting bored. But, on March 20th, The Blacklist season 7 will return to NBC with a double episode. Are you ready?

If you didn’t know it, you can stream the brand new episodes of The Blacklist at the NBC website. But, it might feel complicated, and it is way easier simply to stream the episodes on Netflix. But, it is a pity that The Blacklist can only be streamed on Netflix in India. That creates a major problem for many people, as they live somewhere else. However, there is a way that will help you get access to Indian Netflix abroad, and when you do that, you can stream The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix immediately (and the first six seasons as well). And one day after new episodes have been released on NBC in the United States, you can watch the same episodes on Netflix in India.

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The seventh season will continue tonight with a double episode. The first episode is called Victoria Fenberg, and the second episode is named Cornelius Ruck. I am very curious to see how they will make the story progress, and how Katarina Rostova will influence the life of Raymond Reddington. After all, everyone believes her to be dead, except for Elizabeth Keen.

Victoria Fenberg on Netflix

Victoria Fenberg – The Blacklist season 7 episode 11

The promo for the episode has just been released, and in it, Elizabeth Keen tells Donald Ressler the truth about Katarina Rostova… that is, that she isn’t really dead, but that it was all staged. In other words, the secret doesn’t belong to Elizabeth alone anymore, but now Donald is in on the entire process.

It is important to keep her dead because that is what will make the Russians and all the others out for her blood far away.

Victoria Fenberg is the name of a gifted art forger, and in this episode, Reddington asks for help from the task force to track her down.

Are you excited about the upcoming episodes of The Blacklist? I am!

The Truth about Katarina Rostova

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