How to watch Angel Has Fallen on Netflix?

Would you like to watch the Gerald Butler movie Angel Has Fallen on Netflix? It got to Netflix TODAY, meaning that for the first time in history, you are now able to watch this action movie from 2019 on Netflix. But, maybe you are unable to find Angel Has Fallen on Netflix. That isn’t strange… after all, the film can only be streamed on Netflix in ONE SINGLE COUNTRY!

I am a big fan of action movies, and even though the plot might not be the most interesting, I still had an awesome time as I watched Angel Has Fallen in the cinema. Luckily, it was still possible to go to the cinema back then, quite different from these days when you live in isolation and have to stay inside in order to walk clear from the coronavirus. But, if that is the situation you are in right now, why don’t you just lean back, make some popcorn, and get ready to stream Angel Has Fallen on Netflix instead. I am just about to tell you how it can be done!

Angel Has Fallen

You can watch Angel Has Fallen on Netflix in this way…

It doesn’t matter where you live. It doesn’t matter where you are… it is possible to watch Angel Has Fallen on Netflix no matter what. The only thing you need is a VPN subscription to the VPN provider SurfsharkVPN or to ExpressVPN. Both are awesome VPN providers that will help you change your IP address, and thus, get access to content on Netflix in different countries.

What is a VPN?
A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. This is a way of encrypting your data online, at it is used by millions of people in these days who work from home because of the coronavirus. To secure their data and confidential information, they use a VPN as they transfer data online. But, you can also use a VPN to more than just secure your data. A VPN will also change your IP address, and if you change your IP address to one in a different country, you will suddenly seem like a person in that country to all websites you visit online.

‘In order to watch Angel Has Fallen on Netflix, you need access to Dutch Netflix, which is Netflix in the Netherlands. At this very moment, that is the only country that will let you watch this movie on Netflix. Luckily, it is easy to get access to Dutch Netflix abroad. The only thing you need is a VPN subscription to either ExpressVPN or SurfsharkVPN.

Surfshark VPNwith 30-day money back guarantee

SurfsharkVPN is awesome for unblocking Netflix. You can get access to Netflix content in 15 different countries with this service. In addition, you can use one subscription on more than 10 devices at the same time, they have no bandwidth limitations, and they have applications available for iOS, Android, Windows, Macintosh, Fire TV, Android TV, and even more platforms. If you don’t like the service, they also protect you with their 30-day full refund policy.

ExpressVPN49% discount – 3 free months

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN provider on the market. They are extremely good at unblocking websites, and even though they do not give access to as many Netflix countries as SurfsharkVPN, there are quite a lot of TV networks and streaming sites that you will be able to unblock with ExpressVPN and not with Surfshark. But, ExpressVPN is still among the best VPNs for Netflix as it will give you access to Netflix content in 8 countries (including American and Canadian Netflix).

ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, they have apps for all the big platforms, and they have super-fast servers. Besides this, they support the kill-switch function, they support split-tunneling, and if you click the button above and purchase a 12-months subscription, you will get three additional months for free as a gift!

Get ready to watch Angel Has Fallen on Netflix

So you have your VPN subscription ready? Now you are ready to watch Angel Has Fallen on Netflix!

  • Download the VPN application to your device.
  • Run the application and connect to a server in the Netherlands.
  • Restart your browser / reload your Netflix application.
  • Get ready to watch Angel Has Fallen and other cool content on Dutch Netflix!

Later, connect to servers in the United States, in Canada, in the UK, and get ready to stream Netflix content in these and other countries online as well!

Warning to those with a Netflix subscription in the EU
If your Netflix subscription is registered in an EU country, you will have to make one extra step to make this work. It might sound complicated, but it isn’t, and it will save you for way more money than what you pay for the VPN subscription. What is it? You should move your Netflix subscription to a country outside the EU! How can that be done? Use the ExpressVPN services, connect to a server in Argentina, and purchase a Netflix subscription there. Cancel your old Netflix subscription, and use your new Argentinean Netflix subscription. Connect to a server in the Netherlands, and now it will work.

Are you overwhelmed by the information just described above? Check this short and easy YouTube video to see an easy explanation of how it is done and how it works.

Are you ready?

I have now given you all the information you need to watch Angel Has Fallen on Netflix. You do not have to wait for it to come to your country, but instead, you can go ahead and watch it on Netflix right now, today! You can later use the VPN providers to watch The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix, to watch Suits season 9 on Netflix, and so much more.

Make sure to bookmark this page, and you will get many more articles in the future that will help you take advantage of your Netflix subscription and your VPN subscription in all possible ways!

My short Angel Has Fallen review

I watched Angel Has Fallen in the cinema, and I had a really great time. It was the funniest movie in the series so far. The first movie, Olympus Has Fallen, was a typical action movie in which bad guys took control of the White House.

London Has Fallen was a little disappointing compared to the first movie, and now here we are, Angel Has Fallen, the third movie in the series. And to me, this might have been the best so far. The movie is loaded with action, and it is a movie with fast pace, after all, Gerald Butler is on the run and wanted for an attack on the President and the rest of his staff. Now Gerald Butler has to clear his name and find the real criminals. Who is out there to help him? His father! And, it is the father that gives this movie that extra humor that it really needed.

It is interesting that the movie only has a 39% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. But, do you know when it gets really cool? When you check the audience score which is 93%. In other words, the crowds love the movie. I am curious to hear your thoughts as you finish streaming the movie on Netflix.

Angel Has Fallen - Rotten Tomatoes score

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