Barcelona vs. Real Madrid on May 6th, 2018

It is time for a new El Classico in La Liga in Spain as FC Barcelona will play against Real Madrid on Nou Camp on May 6th, match starting at 20.45 local time. 

Barcelona vs Real Madrid
By Natursports / Shutterstock

There is little to play for in this match, except for honor and glory. As the teams met in December, FC Barcelona won 3-0, and that ain’t something Real Madrid fans were happy about. So, can Real Madrid beat FC Barcelona in this match?

There is always motivation in players as they leap onto the field to play in an El Classico. But, Real Madrid has just qualified for the Champions League final, and for the players, their health and well-being is probably more important than a not-so-important-match against FC Barcelona.

It is quite amazing, but FC Barcelona still hasn’t lost a single match in La Liga this season, and if they win or play a draw against Real Madrid in this match, that is a fantastic statistic that might remain throughout the entire season. Zidane will probably save some of his most important players, so this might be a match in which some youngsters get to play in their first El Classico match.

This has got to be one of the least interesting El Classico matches ever, but it is still a treat, so prepare with some popcorn, and whatever snack you need, El Classico is coming up!

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