Barcelona – Bayern Munich live on Internet on May 1st

Do you want to watch the second leg of the semi final in the Champions League between Barcelona and Bayern Munich on May 1st? Here you will find the instructions telling you how to watch the match online using a VPN connection.

All you need to do is to get hold of a dutch IP address or a Slovakian IP address. If you have one of those IP addresses you will be able to watch either the NOS live stream online or the Jednotka live stream (Slovakian TV). The best service providing both a Dutch and a Slovakian IP address is HideMyAss. Check it out, and if you visit the HideMyAss site now you can be ready to watch either Jednotka or NOS in a few minutes from now.

Subscribe to their services, download the software, download to a HideMyAss server in the Netherlands (to se NOS) or to server in Slovakia (to see Jednotka) and watch the match between Bayern Munich and Barcelona very soon. Beneath you can see a screenshot from the live feed (we are watching from outside the Netherlands). To visit HideMyAss, click the button!


Bayern Munich - Barcelona Champions league
We are watching the semi final in Champions League between Bayern Munich and Barcelona online

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