Best VPN for Christmas 2013

VPN as a Christmas presentAre you planning on buying yourself a VPN subscription for Christmas? Or maybe you would like to give a VPN subscription to someone else for Christmas? Look no further, because we are about to tell you which VPN service you should buy or give away for Christmas in 2013.

We have written earler articles about great VPN services, but this article is just as much about telling you which VPN providers have great discounts and prices available if you go ahead and make a subscription before December 24th or December 31st. So, in other words, this article is not just about which VPN provider is the best in general, but it is very much about which VPN providers offer you the best products at the best prices in December 2013. So, time to tell!

Best Christmas VPN 2013

We have been looking at the websites of the most well-known VPN providers on the market and unfortunately only a few of them actually celebrate Christmas, Black Friday and so on with large discounts. One provider who has great discount if you make a one year subscription is IPVanish, but they end their sale already at December 3rd, so by the time you are reading this their sale is probably alreay over.


PureVPN is currently offering great discounts on all of their packages; from the one month to the twelve month subscription. The one year subscription is discounted to 50USD, while the one month package only cost 7,95USD. This makes their packages some of the best value VPN packages available at the market at the moment. The PureVPN Christmas discount will be available until December 31st. So if it is still not December 31st by the time you read this, visit their website and make a subscription.

PureVPN website  – PureVPN review

PureVPN promo discount
The discounts available from PureVPN at the moment!


The second VPN provider with great discounts available before Christmas, actually until December 31st, is HideMyAss. This is one of the leading VPN providers in the world with servers in more than 60 nations. They keep expanding all the time and do their uttermost to provide high quality VPN services to all their customers. Their one month package is currently available at a 10USD price, their six month package cost 39 USD and their 12 month package 59 USD. A bit more expensive than PureVPN, but they do have servers in many more nations. But if PureVPN has a server in the nation you are looking for, then their service is probably more than enough.

HideMyAss websiteHideMyAss review

HideMyAss Christmas discounts
HideMyAss has some great Christmas discounts available!

As you can see PureVPN and HideMyAss have the best prices available for those looking for a VPN subscription before Christmas or as a Christmas present. If you have any further advices and thoughts, write a comment.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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