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Best VPN in IrelandIn the nation of Ireland there are lots of trees and awful lot of rain weather. These are nice facts and we all agree on them. But, if we speak of the best VPN in Ireland, then we might not always agree.

There are really so many VPN providers on the market, some of them are big, and quite a lot of them small and trying to pave their way on the market. In this jungle of providers it can be hard to find out which one to use, and as you look for a VPN provider in Ireland, meaning a VPN provider with servers in Ireland, you might even just have a hard time finding out which providers have servers in Ireland, and which have not got any servers at all.

In general we believe that a big provider with lots of customers in general is good, because due to the large amount of users they do have to keep things working, and they need to permanently work to keep their server park and server speeds at the top. If not, the users will complain and spread lots of bad news about the company on the net, and that is something no companies in the world want. Based on this we have tested some of the most famous VPN providers on the market to check their speeds on the servers they have in Ireland, and here are the results.

Best VPN provider in Ireland

To make the story short… the VPN provider which gave us the best download speeds as we connected to their server(s) in Ireland was IPVanish. They gave us a download speed at 25 Mbps, a bit better than HideMyAss which gave us 22 Mbps and VyprVPN which gave a download speed of 16 Mbps. IPVanish

Read more about IPVanish in our IPVanish review, or if you want to use their services, click the IPVanish button.

A small warning

The download speeds provided are really good, but we made most of these tests during daytime, when people are working or studying. It is very normal that the highest pressure on the servers are in the evening, because that is when people sit down to watch Irish Netflix using a VPN, or that is when they watch live sports online, and then experience shows that these download speeds drop quite a lot, however it is still working very well. If you should try and still find yourself unsatisfied, IPVanish has a seven day full refund policy, so then you can simply ask to get your money back again!

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2 thoughts on “Best VPN in Ireland

  1. Paul says:

    Are the speeds relevant to your broadband speed. So if I have 150mb broadband from my ISP does this mean I’ll only get 25mb if I was to go with IP Vanish?

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Hello Paul,
      unfortunately your broadband speed doesn’t really influence the speed you get as you use a VPN. Your final speed will be based on the speed your VPN provider gives you, meaning that the only way your broadband speed might influence the final speed, is if your broadband speed is slower than the VPN connection itself (but that is not so normal).

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