VUDU now accept payment with PayPal

VUDU is a popoular movie site online where you can watch and buy films. It is available in the United States, but we have of course written an article earlier on how to watch VUDU from outside the USA.

VUDU and PayPal
You can now pay for this with PayPal

For lots of users it is important to be able to buy services online without using credit card information online. That is why payment methods such as BitCoin and PayPal have turned so popular, and that is why it is a great improvement that VUDU now accepts payment with PayPal.

Among the newest additions to VUDU if you want to use the chance to sign up and watch some good films. For example can you find Transporter 3, Carriers, Railway Man, Crank, Source Code and you can also find some classics such as 50 First Dates, Guess Who, Fun with Dick and Jane and lots of other films.

Enjoy VUDU, and if you want to know more about watching for example Hulu from abroad, read the following article.

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