Best way to get a Ukrainian IP address!

Ukraine IPWould you like to surf the Internet with an IP address in Ukraine? It has been quite hard for a long time, but now it just got easy. 

As you might know the best way of getting an IP address in another country is by connecting to a computer/server in that given nation using a so called VPN. However, if you do not know anyone in the country who can help you with this it has been hard. Luckily however PureVPN, a good VPN provider, just got some servers in Ukraine, meaning that it just get very easy to get a Ukrainian IP address.

Get a Ukrainian IP address in a few minutes

To get an IP in Ukraine in a few minutes all you need to do is to be willing to spend a few dollars. If you are willing to do so, you can surf the net encrypted with a Ukrainian IP address easily in a few minutes from now. PureVPN is a VPN provider with servers worldwide, and now also in Ukraine. In other words they offer people all across the world a chance to connect to their servers in Ukraine, and once connected to these you will surf the Internet with full privacy, protecting your data, passwords and confidential information (that is amongst others what a VPN do), and in addition you wil gett an IP address in the Ukraine.

Once you have an IP in Ukraine you can bypass geo-blocks, watch online content that was earlier unavailable, and you can also surf with great speeds safely if you sit in a hotel in Kiev or elsewhere in Ukraine afraid that someone might be stealing your data as you surf the net using an open (unprotected) WiFi/HotSpot somewhere.

We just tried this ourselves and connecting to the server from PureVPN in Ukraine we got download speed of more than 20Mbps per second. That is great and with such speeds you can watch streaming content and whatever you want online! Want to try yourself? Visit PureVPN and try it. If you are not satisfied, they have a three day money back guarantee. If you want to read more about PureVPN, read our review as well!


Ukrainian IP in a few minutes

  • Visit PureVPN website and make a subscription
  • Download their VPN client, add your username and password
  • Connect to the faster server in Ukraine
  • Restart your browser and enjoy surfing with an IP address in the Ukraine

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