Best way to watch Katsomo from outside Finland

The channels MTV3, Sub and AVA can all be found at and they are so generous having live streams available at their website. Katsomo is mostly free, but with subscription you can also watch special shows, Champions League matches and similar stuff online.

As you understand Katsomo has a lot to offer to viewers without a subscription, but if you have a subscription, they have even more as you gain access to other channels in addition to MTV3, Sub and Ava… for example: MTV Max, MTV Sport 1, MTV Sport 2, C More Tennis and C More Extreme. However, with or without a subscription, if you try to watch any of these channels and their live streams from outside Finland you will bump into trouble. The streams will not work, because they are protected by copyright laws, so instead of watching whatever you want, you will get an error message, or simply see the video load and load, but never start. On their website Katsomo give the following message to viewers trying to watch from abroad.

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Message on the Katsomo website”]If you’re a foreign user you will notice that you are not given access to all of the material posted on this service. Katsomo is primarily for users located in Finland and many of the programmes are GEO-blocked to the territory of Finland. [/stextbox]

Katsomo from abroad
Watch your favorite Finnish TV channel online from outside Finland

Watch Katsomo from outside Finland anyway

As you could read they are using a geo-block on their streams and many of their shows. Luckily this can be bypassed easily using a VPN service giving you the chance to virtually reside in Finland. As you virtually reside in Finland using a VPN service you will get a Finnish IP address. In other words your digital footprint will seem to origin from Finland, which will make doors open to you, that were earlier close. One of those doors that will open is the door to watch Katsomo streams from outside Finland. It works great and is very easy. A VPN service with two servers in Finland at the moment is HideMyAss. They have more than 250 IP addresses waiting for you, so that you at any time can connect and watch the different Katsomo channels from anywhere in the world.


As you understand this is very easy and works great. All you need to do is to sign up for their VPN service, download their VPN software and connect to one of the servers in Finland. It goes really quick and you can watch whatever program you would like to watch in minutes from now if you follow these steps.

Do not forget that a simple HideMyAss subscription will only let you watch the free streams from Katsomo (MTV3, Sub and AVA). To watch MTV Sport, MTV Max and so on you will need a subscription which you can buy directly at the Katsomo page. But, if you have a subscription for those channels you can watch those as well from abroad with the Finnish IP address you get provided by HideMyAss.

Go ahead and try for yourself!

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