Best ways to get a Finnish IP address

Finnish IP addressFinland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with amazing lakes and beautiful nature. If you can not stay there personally then find out in this article how to virtually reside in Finland with a Finnish IP address.

There are different reasons why people might need an IP address in Finland. You probably know why you need a Finnish IP address and that is why you are reading this article, but the most common reasons are to watch TV shows on Finnish TV locked with a geo-block and for travellers who want to access their local Netflix or similar on-demand video accounts in Finland from outside the nation.

Use VPN to get a Finnish IP address

The easiest, safest and most stable way to get a Finnish IP address is to subscribe to a VPN service. These services are always up and running and you do not need to fear that they will throw you out in the middle of something or that they will not work when you need (which can often be a problem if you use a proxy server).

A VPN creates a connection between your computer in your hotel room in Barcelona (for example) and a server in Finland. Once the connection has been made all your traffic on the Internet will origin from the server you are connected to in Finland, and thus you will get a Finnish IP address and be able to enjoy the services only available to those with a local IP address in Finland on the Internet. Notice that with a Finnish IP you can for example watch Yle from outside Finland.

Best VPN services to get IP in Finland

We have tested several VPN tools with servers all around the world and that is why we can recommend to you what we believe to be the best solution for everyone out there in need of an IP address in Finland.

Skip these VPN services
SimpleVPN – no servers in Finland
StrongVPN – no servers in Finland

Go for these VPN services:
IPVanish – easy to use and great speeds (we got 10Mbps)
HideMyAss – works fine and okay speeds (we got 2,5 Mbps during our test)
Overplay – works fine and okay speeds (we got 2,0 Mbps during our test)

Based on this you should go for IPVanish at the moment. You can use HideMyAss or Overplay instead, but the speeds are very important when connecting to a VPN server, so therefore we recommend to use IPVanish instead. Check it out for yourself, and do not forget that they have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


Good luck and enjoy surfing the Internet as a native Finn person with a Finnish IP address.

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