Best way to watch Olympics on from abroad!

Are you located outside Holland and want to watch your athletes compete in the Olympics watching Dutch TV? As we are writing this article Sven Kramer just finished skating and now Jorrit Bergsma is out there on the ice. But, will Sven Kramer get the gold medal? To watch from abroad you will need a Dutch IP address.

The best way of getting yourself a Dutch IP address is to use a VPN provider and one of our favorite providers is HideMyAss. They have several servers in the Netherlands and you can get yourself a Dutch IP address which you need to watch from outside the Netherlands, and once you have that you can watch the Olympics online. And what is great is that HideMyAss has a thirty day money back guarantee ensuring you that if you are not satisfied, you will get your money back.

Press the HideMyAss button and sign up for a one month subscription with HideMyAss. Then download their application and connect to a server in Holland, and you are ready to watch the Winter Olympics online on within minutes. And who knows, maybe this will be the best Winter Olympics ever for the Netherlands. It seems promising at least with Sven Kramer about to get his first gold medal already on competition day number 1!

Watching Winter Olympics on Nederland 1 from abroad in pictures!

If you try to watch the Winter Olympics on from outside the Netherlands you will see the following error message:
Winter Olympics on

We then used HideMyAss and connected to a random servers in the Netherlands, restarted our browser and then visited the live streams from the Winter Olympics at and then, look what we could do!

Watching Winter Olympics on Nederlands from abroad
It’s working! Watching Nederland 1 live stream from abroad

Hope you have found this little guide useful. Try it yourself and do not miss out on any single medal won by the contestants from the Netherlands during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.


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