How to watch CBC from abroad? [2019 version]

Are you located outside Canada and would like to see CBC online? They often do live broadcasting during larger sports events and you can also watch quite some programs on their website. The only problem is that if you try to watch from abroad, you will get an error message telling you the following.

CBC error message: This video is temporarily unavailable.
CBC error message: This video is temporarily unavailable.

If you want to bypass this message and watch what you really wanted to watch instead, you can use a service provided by PureVPN. What they offer you is a VPN connection to one of their servers in Canada which will provide you with a Canadian IP address, which again will make it possible for you to watch CBC online. In a hurry? Visit the PureVPN website clicking the button below, sign up and connect to a server in Canada to watch CBC from outside Canada.PureVPN

We have used this method several times to watch programs on demand and to watch bigger events like FIFA World Cup matches and Winter Olympics.

Why can’t I watch CBC from abroad?

As you visit the CBC website they check up on your location. Due to copyright rules they are only allowed to broadcast to a Canadian audience, meaning that they use a block to make it unavailable to people trying to access their TV programs and streams from abroad. The solution is to make CBC believe that you are in Canada, and that is what a VPN will do. Your computer will, first of all, be encrypted and then you will get an IP address in the nation of the server that you connect to. Since PureVPN has servers in more than 100 nations they can also provide you with an American IP address and several other IPs, but the most important is that they provide you with Canadian IP, meaning that they will unblock the CBC streams letting you watch what is going on from the entire world.

Hockey online
Watching Olympic final in Hockey between Canada and Sweden on CBC from abroad
We are watching Murdoch Mysteries on CBC in Europe
We are watching Murdoch Mysteries on CBC in Europe

As you can see this works great. It is easy to get started, and you can watch all the content on CBC in a few minutes if you follow the instructions.

Want to try this yourself? Visit the PureVPN website and get started and try it yourself today.

If you have any questions related to streaming CBC from abroad, use the comment field beneath. We will do our uttermost to help you out as soon as possible!

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