What is RobiniaSwap? Is it worth using? BONUS: A RobiniaSwap experiemt!

Crypto is booming and there are new platforms launching every single day. RobiniaSwap had its grand opening on October 1st in 2021, and it has attracted quite a lot of interest online. But, what is RobiniaSwap? Is RobiniaSwap worth using? What is the purpose of the RBS token? Who are the people behind RobiniaSwap? In Read More

What is Evergrande and why do their problems influence the international economy?

Have you read seen the name Evergrande in different newspaper articles recently? Have you read the name and somehow seen it connected to financial trouble and causing financial markets to decrease in value? What is Evergrande all about? How can a Chinese company like Evergrande actually influence the international economy? In this short article, we Read More

2000 PRE tokens is the new minimum required in order to run a Presearch node from October 8th.

The Presearch search engine is experiencing rapid growth. Since the news was released that new Android users in Europe will be presented with the opportunity to use Presearch as their default search engine as they set up their new devices, the price exploded and experienced a 10x price boost within a couple of days. Before Read More

Congratulations to StrongBlock as they now facilitate and run more than 100,000 Ethereum nodes!

Things are happening quickly in the digital world. You can send money from Norway to Singapore in a few seconds, and you can send a message and chat with people on the other side of the globe live. That might not sound revolutionary, but think about what life was like 100 years ago when people Read More

I have been a part of a PenguinFinance IDO for the first time (BOOFI – BooFinance) – Was it worth it?

I have written about PenguinFinance before in the IP Address Guide, for example in my article on how to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies. But, I have just had the chance to take part in my first IDO on PenguinFinance in which 20% of the total supply of BOOFI tokens was sold to those who Read More