BTRFLY is flying (again), followed by FHM, OHM and TIME – Bye bye Invictus!

After some terrible weeks for REDACTED and their BTRFLY token, they are finally soaring again, and in the last seven days, the value of our investment has grown by 66%. That growth is compared to the value 7 days ago, so if we compare it with the initial investment, we are still down more than 74%. But, maybe this is a signal like we see with many other rebase tokens that things are about to change? Let us hope so!

Let us simply start by looking at the percentage growth or decline for all the protocols included in our rebase token experiment in the last seven days.

rebase token growth and results last seven days

As you see above, REDACTED was the best performer in the last seven days, followed by FantOhm (which has caused some hype with their stable coin), and then followed by OHM, MAG, TIME and KLIMA.

OlympusDAO, the mother of them all, has celebrated its birthday this week, and it has been a crazy ride for those who decided to invest early in the protocol. But, if you look at their actual numbers, they have been working hard and the protocol has a big treasury and monthly revenue of $12,000,000, meaning that the numbers speak in favor of the protocol. So, will they be able to keep the current positive trend and produce positive numbers also in the coming weeks?

One protocol that has had very positive numbers in the last weeks is HectorFinance. They have had more than 30% growth two weeks in a row. This week they have managed to stabilize themselves at a price around $22 and $23 (even though they also touched $27 earlier this week), so the fact that they managed to end in plus for a third week in a row is definitely positive.

Wonderland is trying to catch back on life and the protocol again, and it will be interesting to see if the current price decrease is a temporary thing, or if they can keep the momentum and if they can gain trust among investors and fans once again.

MagnetDAO is working in the shadows of many of the more famous rebase token protocols. They are currently building on changing the concept and turning to a veMAG reward protocol, probably built on the concept we have seen with vePTP (on Platypus Finance) and that the team has used as they developed the VectorFinance protocol (built on the concept of how Convex is taking advantage of Curve). No matter what, it will be interesting to follow MagnetDAO as well.

Overall results since the start of the experiment

Many projects have produced nice numbers in the last seven days. But, how are they doing compared to the value of the initial investment that we made? Check the numbers below!

  • As you can see, the best project based on value is still HectorFinance, followed by FantOhm.
  • The worst of them all is WAGMI, followed by Exodia and KlimaDAO.

Bye bye InvictusDAO

One more thing that has happened the last week is that we have removed InvictusDAO from our experiment as they have stopped their staking rewards and will pay investors with money from the treasury (at a price of $38 per IN token). Our initial investment of $500 thus turned to $200, giving us a quite poor result.

InvictusDAO bye

What do you think? Is there a bright future for the people who have invested in the rebase tokens? What do you expect in the coming weeks? Do you have a favorite project that you believe will soar more than the others in the future? Let us hear from you!

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