BTRFLY is flying (again), followed by FHM, OHM and TIME – Bye bye Invictus!

After some terrible weeks for REDACTED and their BTRFLY token, they are finally soaring again, and in the last seven days, the value of our investment has grown by 66%. That growth is compared to the value 7 days ago, so if we compare it with the initial investment, we are still down more than Read More

HectorFinance was the biggest gainer last week, while Wonderland was the biggest loser!

We are still paying close attention to all the rebase tokens and the coming weeks and months will be extremely interesting. Can they manage to turn the negative spiral into something positive? All the tokens have fallen to extreme levels (in a negative sense), but the last weeks have shown some signs of a positive Read More

The rebase token war -> Results between February 2nd and February 9th (and some thoughts on the experiment after running it for two months)

On December 8th, we started an experiment in which we decided to compare the performance of different rebase tokens, hoping to find out which would be the best investments and perform the best during a longer period of time. Little did we know that the experiment would become a very negative experiment, and after 8 Read More