Bypass Internet censorship with a VPN

Internet censorshipInternet censorship is become more and more normal, and we who follow news on the subject of Internet, security and censorship, know that there are daily news on this special subject.

Just as we are writing this article the news about The Guardian being blocked in China for a few days has circled in the world press for a few days. At the same time news about how Turkey is going to censor the Internet even more in their nation also spreads around the free Internet like fire. From before we already know that several nations block the usage of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and even more popular is to block the most popular video site on earth, YouTube. There are many ways of regulating the Internet, so not long ago we personally experienced that as we used an ISP in Saudi Arabia certain Internet sites were blocked, meaning that we could for example not open the homepage of the VPN provider HideMyAss.

So, what can you do if you are stuck in a nation where certain social media sites, YouTube or other content is blocked? The answer is a VPN.

Use a VPN to bypass Internet censorship

Internet Service Providers in nations are regulated by the local laws. That is why you can not open the HideMyAss website (for example) in Saudi Arabia, and this is a block that is followed by all ISPs in the country. Therefore to avoid such censorship you need to move away from your local ISP to an ISP somewhere else in a nation where those blocks can not be found. What a VPN do is that you use your current Internet connection, but a virtual tunnel will be created connecting you directly to a server in another nation. All your traffic will be encrypted, making it impossible to see and to track for other people and local government in your nation, and you will then surf freely using all the Internet rights provided by the nation in which the server you are connected to is located.

There are many VPN providers out there, but our favorite in general is HideMyAss. Their VPN service is very easy to use, easy to setup and they have servers in more than 60 nations, making it easy to find a server located close to your location which is important to get as good speeds as possible. They also have several virtual servers which is useful if you want to watch Netflix from your current location, or do some other cool stuff online.


If you visit their website to sign up, then you can bypass regulations and censorship in a few minutes from now. Setup is as we mentioned very easy, so even your old grandmother can use this service.

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