How can I watch YouTube in Pakistan?

There are quite a lot of social media sites that are 100% blocked or limited in several nations of the world. An example of this is how Twitter is blocked in China and YouTube is blocked in Pakistan.

unblock youtube in pakistanThis means that if you want to watch YouTube in Pakistan you will not be able to do so, because the service is blocked. However, there is a way of watching YouTube still, and the solution is called a VPN connection. Such a connection will connect you to a server somewhere else in the world, and as that connection turns alive, YouTube will be opened up and you can bypass any restriction active in the country you are presently in (in this case Pakistan).

There are quite a lot of VPN services out there who can help you with exactly this, and we recommend the usage of HideMyAss or PureVPN if you want to fix this problem and bypass the restrictions.

Watch YouTube in Pakistan using VPN

The good thing with a VPN provider is that it lets you do so much more than only unblocking YouTube in Pakistan. Such a provider also lets you surf the Internet with for example a UK IP address, which makes it possible to watch ITV Player, or for example Rai in Italy with an Italian IP address.

Ready to try? The service with servers in most nations and best prices is HideMyAss, so check it out. If you want the service with the best speeds, go for PureVPN instead.


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