Can I connect my Fire TV (Stick) to the router using an Ethernet cable or is it WiFi only?

Are you planning on buying an Amazon Fire TV or maybe an Amazon Fire TV Stick? Would you like to connect it to your router using an Ethernet cable (network cable) or would you like to connect it using the normal WiFi signal? Which is the best solution? Is it even possible to use a network cable or is it WiFi only?

The Amazon Fire TV is quite a brilliant tool if you want to turn your TV into a smart TV supporting all sorts of applications, programs, and games. The same can be said about the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Did you know that these devices by default will connect to the Internet using your local WiFi network? In other words, when you start your device for the first time, you will see an overview of the local WiFi networks and you can connect to the network that you would like to use. This is quite good, especially if you don’t want to have cables everywhere.

So, yes – connecting your Fire TV and your FireTV Stick to the Internet using WiFi is the standard, it is normal, and it is easy.

Can I use an Ethernet cable with my Fire TV (Stick)?

This might be an even more interesting question. There are people who hate WiFi in itself (as they mean it have a poor effect on their health), and that is why they only use cables and disconnect the WiFi option in itself on their routers.

Some people find the WiFi to be unstable and also much slower than just using an Ethernet cable.

But, is it possible to connect your Fire TV to the Internet using an Ethernet cable?

By default, the answer to the question is NO. There is no support for Ethernet cable plugs on the Fire TV, nor on the Fire TV Sticks. So, what can you do to fix this?

The solution is to by a special adapter that will help you connect your Fire TV to the Internet using an Ethernet cable.

Click the link above to find this product on

amazon fire tv

Above you can see the adapter that is connected to the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The adapter itself has support for two plugs, one for giving electricity to the Fire TV Stick, and the other for providing the Internet connection using an Ethernet cable.

ethernet cable

I guess that should give you an answer to your question. I hope it has helped you and that you will be ready to use your Fire TV Stick in your preferred way in a few minutes from now. If you actually have to order the adapter, it will take a longer time, but if not, enjoy streaming, playing, and using your Amazon Fire TV.

There are many other things you can do with a Fire TV Stick as well, and you can even bring it along abroad and use it to stream content in your home country. This can be done as you use a VPN with your Fire TV. It isn’t complicated, but if you have an old Fire TV or Fire TV Stick with only 1 GB of RAM, it is going to be quite brutal and cannot be recommended. In fact, VPN apps aren’t even working on the first generation Fire TV Sticks.

Have fun, enjoy your Fire TV Stick. If you have any comments or questions, use the comment field below!

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