How to fix noise coming from computer when connecting an Ubuntu computer to a TV using an HDMI cable.

Are you using an HDMI cable to show the content on your laptop on a TV screen instead, or maybe on a projector? But, is the sound still coming from your computer, even though it should be transmitted through the HDMI cable and be projected through the TV or the projector or some other device instead? Have you tried to fix it, but you are not able to find a solution? If that is you, give this a try!

I have written these instructions using Ubuntu 20.04, but you will most likely be able to use exactly the same instructions on Ubuntu 22 or on Ubuntu 18, and maybe even earlier installations as well.

How to make sounds come from TV to which the HDMI cable is connected instead of from the computer

  • If you want to give this a try, open the Ubuntu Software from your desktop.
  • Search for PulseAudio Volume Control.
pulse audio volume control hdmi ubuntu
  • Install the program and open the program when finished.
  • Look for Output Devices and Configuration in the program and change the settings for both to HDMI options (and not your normal computer output).
output devices hdmi sound ubuntu
  • Make sure to edit the configuration first and then set the selected device as your output device. The best thing is to try this while noise should be transmitted because you will immediately hear it once you have found the correct configuration and the sound will start coming from the other device and no longer from your computer.

That’s it. You should now be able to fix this and watch content on your TV with an HDMI cable from your Ubuntu computer, and at the same time hear the sounds coming from the TV and not from your computer (which normally is unable to be as loud and give as nice sound as a TV).

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